My best and worst of 2009 (3-30)

Good or bad , but the day was important. It was on Feb 16th,2009 we got an important announcement from our company. Its all about closing the India operations due to the financial crisis (recession). No other choices given to us and we were asked to leave the company by the end of Feb 2009.

Except for me almost for every one in the company it was a shocking news. May be little bit I expected this to happen but never thought this much early. No compensation , no formalities nothing. My 4.3 years of IT experience was a big question mark for me. For the past three years, I lost my interest in working as a software engineer and was looking for a right time to come away from this. Had few commitments regarding paying my loans. So I was not seriously looking for a shift in industry.

At that time when our company decided to close the India operations, I was almost settled down with my commitments. So I just took three days to make a decision and decided to quit IT industry and to shift my career towards multimedia. I had great confidence in me and I decided in my own.So made the decision whole heartedly and told my family ( took some time to convenience my brother..but made it). Only very few supported me for this decision (sister , few of my close ones).

I took that as a good chance for a shift. I haven’t told many of my friends until now …just don’t wanted to make them feel different and don’t wanted to hear bunch of advices.  My new approach towards the so called beautiful life was started from that day and it was quite interesting till now.

Good Bye to IT Industry...!

For the thousand lines of code in Java, for the lovable research work in VOIP/SIP (Asterisk server),  for the so called user friendly Suse/Debian Linux OS, for the sophisticated workplace, for my coffee mug; beautiful monitor, for the top notch technical job, for the most beautiful IT industry – I just said a GOOD BYE  with all my LOVE.

Really…..Good or bad the day was good…Feb 16th 2009.

Wish a CTRL+Z in IT-India

It’s almost a black day for corporate India. Already India is facing lots of problem due to Economic down in US and now the issue with Satyam. A serious issue should be considered with the corporate auditing and the transparency when getting into global business. Let the other corporates take lessons from this and wish to be out of the issues soon.

some stuffs from news channels,

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Satyam-Ramalinga Raju’s resignation letter.

Sort of 55 thousand professionals smoother life is in question now, hope for the best.

Wish a quick bailout …!

Bailout — “a rescue from financial distress” — was declared the winner of Merriam-Webster’s word of the year competition after it was judged to be the most looked-up word on the dictionary’s website.

Got to read this in Times of India website. If this contest would have been conducted in India , the most looked-up word would be “Layoff” or “Pink slip“. These two words have swept of many  “IT ” profesionals sleep (including their family members). May be a qucik bailout in US will bring more smiles in India’s IT industry. Wish every thing will settle down soon..!

Independence Day – are we …..?

It’s independence day today. And today till now Chennai is safe and breathing safe without any Bomb blasts. Since there was a hoax on Bomb blast on August 15th in Chennai, people were afraid and government has made some strict arrangements for several checkups in the main places of city.

For the past 15 to 20 days , the Chennai patrols were screwed up and regular checkups of vehicle’s and persons were made in most places of the city. That too in night times after ten there were more patrols roaming and we can able to see a policeman for every 100 to 200 meters. For good sake , nothing happened till now. And hope for the best and for rest of the days.

Is this a good sign of Independent India ?? Are we safe after this 61 years of Independence ?? Are we staying in one of the most peaceful country in the world ?? … I can say NO. Do we have answers and proper explanations for the above given questions ??

Lots of unclear and unanswered questions going around me . Nuclear Deal with US , Indo-US agriculture knowledge initiative with US, non religious/caste/community based political parties and leaders, imbalance in growth among the industries, indications of civil war, quality less education in public schools, lack of investments in RND , fastly dying Agriculture, increasing basic medications cost, loosing the culture, reservation systems in educational institutions and private sectors, non eligible politicians etc., etc., more things goes around my mind.

Apart from this , equally these positive things also goes around me. Responsible and social centric youths, awareness on child labor, freedom for women , awareness on importance of education, accessibility of technologies in all corners, growth on IT, social responsibility of software engineers and college students, growing number of NGO’s, Corporate ‘s Social Responsibility (CSR), proving young minds and few educated professionals in politics, the strength of youths etc., etc.,

Anyways , as a self and social responsible human being , I will always whole heatedly work for the development of society , better humanity and a clean world.  I (we) never wanted a Independence day like this year , wish some betterment in the coming years. Sorry to say this ….today is juts an another day for me.