A day to forget – Kumbakonam fire accident

July 16th 2004 , a heart breaking fire accident happened in a school at Kumbakonam,TamilNadu. The fire took around 90 plus childrens lives and their parents hopes/dreams. We cannot blame anyone except the educational departmetn for not considering about the thatched roofs for the class rooms and other building inside the school. Anyways after this incident strict rules were followed and most of the schools are asked to replace the thatched roofs with alternatives.

Same situation is now in the quality of education in the Government schools, do the government need any historical accident/incident to happen for taking some serious steps on improving the quality of education ? . Good infrastructure will keep the children in a comfortable place, but without quality in education they are going to get nothing except the comfortable place and a mid day meals with two eggs per week.

Just building a memorial in Palakarai,Kumbakonam with 14000 sq for a cost estimate of 60 lakhs will not be a solution for his accident. Apart from this lets improve all the schools by providing state of the art facilities with quality in infrastructure and Education.  Let’s put the 90 plus children’s soul in peace by improving the lives of the other children’s with the Equality in Quality Education.