Happy festival of Diyas

Happy festival of Diyas.  Let this day gives all the happiness as steady as the glow of a Diya.

Happy festival of Diya.

Usually every year we light plenty of Diya’s in our house. The above displayed diya was one from our house (2008) and I clicked it through my third eye (camera). But this year no Diya’s. Just went for a round to the nearby streets to look at the beautiful view of diyas.

And now I’m in the first day of the last month of the beautiful 2009. Really 2009 is/was a gr8 year to me with lots of things to remember ,loads of lessons and  lots of interesting facts . Simply I can say 2009 as one of  the important year in my life.

So I have decided to write 30 most important and interesting things happened to me this year.I will try to make it brief and post it one per day. So 30 days 30 happenings….! The countdown starts from today…! 🙂

A festival beyond religions…!

Happy festival of lights and sounds. Wish the smiles and happiness of this day should continue forever.

Planned to spend my whole day with the little wonders and booked tickets for the movie “AADHAVAN”.  Wanted to watch this movie on its first day and managed to get tickets. Will come with a review soon…!

Have a safe and happy Diwali

Have a safe and happy Diwali

Diya’s brings happiness …!

Tomorrow (Dec 11th) is celebrated as the festival of Diyas. Yet another festival of light celebrated grandly in south part of India and especially in Tamilnadu. Here in Tamilnadu it is named as “Karthigai Deepam” and in kerela it is named as ” Trikartika or Kartika Vilaku”. In Tamilnadu it is observed on the full moon day of the November-December (karthigai) month.

Peoples celebrate this day by lighting more diya’s in their houses. One can see plenty of diya’s lighted everywhere. Every place will be beautiful to see with the diyas glowing. Always diya has a special attraction. With its drowsy brightness and with its steady glow , it attracts more hearts and eyes. The diya’s used on this day will be made of clay.



In my schooling days my mom will light more diya’s ,me and my brother have to protect the diya’s from switching off due to air blowing. We will keep some card boards or bricks in roof structure to protect it. But these years we came out of native place and staying with friends, we do not get initiated to light the diya’s. But few years back my sister initiated me to light few days. So i buy few diya’s and light it. Every year on this day, I take my bike and go for a round in the streets around our house. Really it was a pleasant experience to watch the houses, windows,walls,gates etc., with lots of diya’s glowing.

This year I have bought more diyas (around 30) and planned to light it. Hope tomm. evening I will be busy with lighting the diya’s in and around my house. And as usual I will go for a round to look at the other diya’s lighted. I do not have interest in the religious belief about this festival. I just do it because it gives happiness. Diya’s make me cool with its steady blow. Sure diyas will make some impact on every one. Just try this ,have a look at it and feel the difference.

Happy Light festival with more happiness and more diya’s in everyones home.