One…Two…Three and Counting….!

Pre Script: This blog post is all about my thoughts and its about me…if you are looking for something useful or general or  interesting stuffs, you might get disappointed…! So you are free to skip this post…!

Every day cuddles, little fights, word wars, arguments, silly jokes, ROLF moments, hitting hard, fighting and biting, lot of kisses, joyful moments, common friends, Crazy Pencilz, native places (Cuddalore and Aaralvaimozhi), marriages and functions, US-NJ onsite, experimental cooking, shopping, beach, Fish Curries, birthday cakes, little gifts, big gifts, surprises, crying, shouting, screaming, cleaning, washing, bike rides ( Yamaha Rx 100 & Scooty Pep ), arts and crafts, Canvas, paintings, pencil sketches, paper quelling, internet recipes, window shopping, monitor shopping ( online ), exhibitions, festivals, Onam, Vishu Kani, flowers, Chettas and Chechis, anna nagar Tower park, Connextions, Movies, Arul stores, Amara Stores, Santhosh Super Stores, Max, Pantaloon, Waves, Bata, fruits and veg market, medicines, Ayyapan temple, kids, sight seeing, Korattur, Anna Nagar, Adyar, Chetpet, T.Nagar, Street foods at T.Nagar, Pothys, Nalli, Saravana Super Stores, Villivakkam, selfies, chocolates, ice creams.  —- 1095 days ( 3 years )  are best described by the above listed things. (August 5th is our wedding anniversary)

Life was so much beautiful and  quite interesting ( trust me its true 😉 )  in these 3 years, filled with all the above mentioned things. Thanks wifey ( Padma Malini) for being with me as always. She is the one and only responsible for all the blunders and wonders of these 3 years. I’m only a active participant in most of the things and she is the core reason for all ( Planning, organizing and executing ).

Usually my days are filled with lot of things starting from, personal, work, special interests etc., And Padma is a part in my personal commitments. But Padma’s days and thoughts are filled with ME and other things like work, social, special interests are supplementary. I always wondered why and how she is so much crazy about me.

In these 3 years, I wouldn’t have done most of the things as expected by her. But surely I have been a good friend to her at all the times. Lot to go and years to come and looking forward for same happiness as always. I love her always for all the unconditional love.

Wishing ourselves many more happy returns.

The Best Thing About You Is You!

This post is simply about a girl and I have a reason to write about her today. Few tiny things about her……

A girl who can live as herself always…!

A girl who celebrates her womanhood…!

A girl who wants to smile and keep everyone smiling all the time…!

A girl who wants to smile or laugh loud for no reason…!

A girl who cries instantly for no/tiny reasons…!

A girl who express herself in all possible ways…!

A girl who never interferes others way of doing thing…!

A girl who always gives respect to everything in this world…!

A girl who loves to be loved always…!

A girl longing for care and affection …!

A girl who loves kids to the core…!

A girl who is bold and intelligent enough to excel in her career…!

A girl who is very much innocent in her own ways…!

A girl who always wanted to be simple and take life simple….!

A girl who never wanted to be questioned more…!

A girl who is inspired by his dad throughout her life…!

A girl who is chosen by a right guy at the right time….!

A girl who is gonna live life to the fullest as she expected…!

This girl faced lots n lots of hiccups in her life’s journey….few due to the parenting mistakes and few by herself…! Might be life was  not as much smooth to her as she expected for all these years..! But I am sure her future is in safe hands…the guy who has chosen this girl will take care and spread happiness throughout her life.

And for a girl who deserves a lot….the guy with her will make the things happen to her as she expected.Making her happy is not onesided,,,in turn she will make everything happy around her..! Lucky Guy and Lucky Girl.

The right guy is none other than me …yeah IT’s ME :)….and the right girl is my friend, my fiance…my girl…it is Padma Malini. :). Happy to be with her….life has changed lot and keep changing a lot..! Thanks for my girl for making things happening around me…! You deserve a lot….and I will make things happen around you.

And the most beautiful thing is …Its her BIRTHDAY TODAY. (may 13th). Many more happy returns to my girl….! Happy for you…and happy life together….!  Happy B’day Padma….I LOVE YOU. Happy living together as always.

Its true that…“The Best Thing About You Is You! “

Nothing has changed …!

The present became past, moments became memories, mistakes became lessons, happenings became experience but when it comes to love and affection nothing has changed in me for all these years. Got to see a very good friend of mine after three years.Though we are not in good touch all these years…but still I feel the same love and affection. Still I can recall the golden old days when we are together.Though we are not chatting about the old days…still I can get back to it and can feel happy about it. We got to be very close during our college days. Times were there , I proudly flaunted as my best friend in this world. But times gone by…after college…we moved away(not so far) due to professional life….things had been changed slowly. Thick became thin, close become wide and the close friend became a just another friend.

I’m not sure about what my friend felt. I wanted to say I missed you and miss you still so much…but I couldn’t. All the silence and the distance created by the friend for all these years made me to stop expressing. And little bit afraid to express…! But only thing made me happy was I’m still the same.I wonder still I have the same place and importance to the friend in my heart.  This is the most important thing I wonder at myself.

Others took it easily and they adapted to the so called practical life ( this is wat they say). I found it hard to accept  certain things in the earlier stages…and as the time and experience and lessons gave me the power to accept things. Anyways  complains apart….I felt very happy to see a good friend of mine today after years.

Friends & memories....!

No matter who made the things worse…and who is the reason…only thing matters is the memories….THE GOOD MEMORIES. I have it always…thanks for that. Life is so much beautiful with memories of the unconditional love we shared with friends….! Miss you my friend…!

For some reason…!

At times I will do some silly introspections and think about the facts in and around me …..

For some reason …. I’m afraid of strangers,

For some reason …. I’m afraid to be alone,

For some reason…. most times I never showcased my talents,

For some reason…. I haven’t answered most of the known questions,

For some reason…. I’m afraid to go new places,

For some reason…. I want to get away from this normal life,

For some reason…. I haven’t expressed myself fully,

For some reason…. I always depend on other person to represent me,

For some reason…. I changed my carieer,

For some reason…. I afraid to take risks many times (though I wanted to),

For some reason…. I act matured ,

For some reason…. I haven’t asked questions (where i have to),

For some reason…. Some times I avoid being in crowd,

For some reason…. I was/am dependent,

For some reason…. I missed some good opportunities(though I’m capable of),

For some reason…. I kept myself silent (where i should have shouted),

For some reason…. I’m more emotional (though I’m not),

For some reason…. I wish to stay alone,

For some reason……….???

I know what are all the reasons….but used with it and making myself to be comfortable with it. Life is really interesting for me because of these “some reasons…!“. Nothing and no one can be blamed for these some reasons…..I know there i a reason behind every happening…and so i too have some reasons…!

Just set it free…!

Recently read a article about OBSESSIVE Lovers. It was interesting and a must read thing to all,

Many of us at some point or the other have had to deal with the attentions of obsessive lovers or over-possessive, needy friends.Experience tells us that this trait, if not nipped at the bud can become dark and murky.

Love is defined as a strong bond between two people. And when that is threatened (imaginatively or really), the person becomes possessive, obsessive and paranoid to save their bond. This could just as well happen between friends, parent and child, as with lovers.


People with low self image and confidence generally become obsessive in their relationships.

Early childhood experiences also play a big role in determining how one behaves in his relationships later.Over critical parents who constantly keep rejecting their child, scar them for life.

As adults, when they get into their first relationship, they find acceptance, but eventually become possessive,if that bond is threatened in anyway.

A series of failed relationships can also lead to an obsessive personality.They grow out to be insecure individuals who fear being ditched repeatedly.

There are some obsessive lovers who turn out to be sadistic. They can even go to the extent of harming the person. Such people usually suffer from psychopathic or anti-social tendencies.


  • You cannot forget the existence of that person in your life
  • You alter your schedule constantly to check where they are hanging out
  • You constantly need to check your lover’s phone history, email and text messages
  • You follow them everywhere and question them time and again about their whereabouts or who they are talking to.
  • You start fretting if your lover’s phone is engaged for sometime


  • If you realize that you are unable to control your impulses, seek professional help immediately
  • Try to disconnect yourself with the person completely by cutting all links
  • Gather support from your family and friends.Ask them to help you stay away from the person you are obsessed with
  • Tell yourself that eventually you will get someone better.
  • Call the police as early as possible
  • If the stalker is an ex, who threatens to show the world your personal pictures, letters, cards, do not feel scared. Chances are that they may be just empty threats.

The above is the edited version of an article from TOI news paper.

Just set it free...!

Just set it free...!

Honestly speaking I was a obsessive lover at one(three) point of time. Those are the bad patches of my life and of-course for the opponent also . There may be several reasons for being a obsessive lover but still its not good for a happy life either side. Its good that I have learnt quickly from the lessons (bad experiences) and not went to a worse level of obsessive.

In the past two years I can see great differences in me for not being obsessive and getting used to handle things. Thanks for all the introspection and to all the so called closed ones I missed.

Just simply …”If u love something …just set it free…!“.

Every death gives a birth…!

MyViews – Sarvam – Tamil Movie

Got to watch this movie on its first day of release(15th may 09). I had some good expectations after seeing the trailer of the movie few months back. I Was most impressed by the camera and background score.

It’s a different try from vishnuvardan (director) but the same old story of Tamil movies. This movie would have been good if some of the cinematic scenes were avoided. Overall vishnu and arya had tried different things with our time and money.And arya tried acting in this move and he succeeded a bit…but a long way to go…!

Sarvam - Worth watching for camera and BG

Sarvam - Worth watching for camera and BG

But worth watching for the cinematography by Nirawshah and BG music by yuvan. The locations chosen and the way Nirav handled the colors and scenes are awesome.He makes our eyes pleasant in all the scenes. Yuvan simply touching hearts with his bg music.Few of the songs were also good. And for sometime screenplay is also good.

Bit of concentration on the first half to make it faster would have helped the movie to reach better and director totally wasted J.D chakravarthy. I’m sure this movie not gonna reach the  B and C theaters. Better luck next time vishnu.

At last I felt hard to catgorize this movie. It may be a thriller  , pshyco , love and comedy(non laugh) movie.

Thanks for my readers…!

April 16th is the Blog readers appreciation day. I take this as a wonderful chance to thank all the readers of my blog. Wish to thank all the 14ooo plus fingers for clicking the mouse button in my blog. And my hearty thanks to all the offline comments and online comments on my posts. Really happy to see some average number of hits regularly.

Blogging means a lot 4 me...!

Blogging means a lot 4 me...!

I appreciate the patience and interest of the perfect strangers for reading the posts and commenting on it. Thanks for my blog guru (sudharshan) for inspiring me to get into blog world.It’s really such a wonderful experience . Writing my own stories, writing my friends stories, writing about my Cinderella’s,writing about my likes and dislikes, writing about my social angers,writing about beautiful moments of life etc., just writing become part of my life. Blogging shown me a different perception on one way or another it helped me a lot in coming out of my personal problems…it kept me occupied online and offline. Life is really meant to be beautiful with my blog…!

always love to...!

always love to...!

Thanks for reading regularly…and keep reading…!

In the name of the Culture…!

Talibanisation of India – this is what I can say about the incident (attacking girls/public in a pub) happened and happening in Mangalore, Karnataka done by Sri Rama Sena group. They did all these in the name of protecting Indian culture. I don’t understand who gave the braveness to do these moral policing activities against the society. Who are they to force some thing into the common public. Not only this incident for the past few years they were involved in such activities all over the India (Vandalising M.F. Husain’s paintings, numerous attacks on the churches in karnataka, attacked various fashion shows,malegaon blasts,etc,etc, )by joining hands with other few Hindu groups.

They do all these things in the name of culture and religion. In my perception, culture is not a thing to be imposed and its a thing of adaption and acceptance. One cannot force the others to follow a culture.And what do these peoples think of culture? Do they think that the women’s dressing,boozing,dating,pubs is the only thing spoils the so called culture of India ? Then all these peoples are making India still a male dominated country.

What we say glamour dress-that was our dressing tradition several years back, what you say as boozing was there in India all over these years,what you say pubs was there in all the Kingdoms of India in the name of “anthapuram/kelikai koodam”.,etc., All the above given things were part of our culture. At some stage it was hidden and portrayed as spoilers because peopels started misused it. ok things apart…this is such a big topic to discuss.

Is this a beginning ...?

Is this a beginning ...?

Still I respect all these groups like Ram sena,shiv sena,VHP etc., for their unconditional love and care on India and its culture. But before that I wish to say that ..please take a look at you family and friends ..still there are lots of spoilers around you. Check the internet connection in your house and see how many porn sites were visited…check the mobile phones of your kids and friends and see the unlimited conversations with the so called boyfriends/girl friends, follow your kids on the weekends and check with whom they were roaming and what they are doing, and before that look back at your school days and college days ….! .First deal with these issues and then come to public’s.  And if everything was OK..then come to the public….!“Whoever is sinless, let him throw stones to the whore”.This was said in a religion’s holy book.

And this is not the right way to protect the so called spoiling culture …and this won’t give you any solution. Still there are lot more issues to deal with…lets think on that.  Let people choose the culture and the way of living. Life is for every one ….and it is not divided for men and women separately. They have equal rights to live.

Moral policing may deal with the public newsense but not with the public’s sense. No one has rights to restrict individuals rights in the name of culture and religion. Please no Talibanisation in India…! Lets people select thier life style….! And afterall all these things are part of globalaization and you cannot control few things.

Whatever happens ….Life has to GO on …!

My view
Vaaranam Aayeram, best of the autobiographic kind of movie ever taken in Tamil.It’s a complete autobiography of a young man who got inspired by his father.Hats off to Surya for his marvelous performance.He was more then we expected. A film full of Surya and one should have 1000 eyes to watch him in all the frames of the movie.Surya was never displayed this much handsome.Really we should have 1000 eyes to watch him.

As guessed this movie has the traces of Tom hank’s Forrest Gump, not the whole story but the story line was inspired from Forrest Gump and style of story narration was also resembles the same.The movie just portrays the best father we have ever seen. Everyone will love to have a father like him and every old couple will really realize , how they miss their life by not expressing to each other.The old couples love and intimacy was really beautiful and well shown.The performance of father surya (Krishnan) was mind blowing.The body language, style, tone etc., etc., every thing was 100% perfect with surya.Surya along with the simran, really good to watch them as a couple.Simram made some remarkable performance , will be liked by everyone.

The young surya …was really amazing and you will wonder at his commitment for this movie. He was an energy pack.In some places you can’t believe your eyes.He shows difference in all the stages of the character. He comes as 12th student,first year student, final year student,25 year old guy,30 year old,commando,as a father of 5 year old etc., Everywhere he fits with the character and changed his complete physic.Surya’s six pack was amazing and he looks more handsome in those scenes.

When coming to romance , its simply awesome. Sameera reddy looks pretty good and we can feel the freshness in the love.The one hour with complete love scenes will take you to a different world.Sure every one will miss their loved ones while watching this.The feel of love, the bliss in the love, the real pain of love and every thing about love was displayed perfectly.When it comes to divya , its a different kind of display and makes us pretty comfortable.We can see sort of kakka kakka movie’s love.Divya looks more beautiful in this movie.

When it comes to music, the background music adds value to the movie.We can hear some sort of music everywhere in the movie.Nenjukul,Anal meale,Adiye kolluthe,yethi yethi are well picturised. Expecially ‘nenjukul peidhidum’ and ‘adiye kolluthe’ songs wins our hearts. Extraordinary dance by surya. I was mostly disappointed with the Mundinam song, the song was pictured in a different way and looks good, but for this song the expectation was more and I expected more romance in it.I was totally disappointed with this song.Hats off to thamarai for her excellent lyrics.

All over the movie we can see the Gautam’s brilliance and non masala scenes. Apart for few things , Gautam‘s job was excellent.Again he proved his ability in this movie and his way of story telling resembles English movies. And as usual lots of English dialogs in this movie.

A bit lengthy movie which runs around 3 hours.Apart from the first 20 and last 20 minutes, the move would have been a extraordinary one. Since the movie starts with sadness and ends with sadness, you may sulk when coming out of the theater.This movie is not surely for the guys who hates emotional scenes. This has lots of emotional scenes, which will create some impact with every one. We can see crazy love, romantic love, parents love n respect,lots of positive notes and few negatives too.I’m sure this movie won’t be a big hit , but its a life time movie for Surya and displays the another face of Indian cinema.Lots of things to learn and lots of things to inspire.

Since the movie revolves around the script , we can feel a slowness in the movie. I cannot say this was the best movie to Gautam, he just got to say some thing and he did it on the track.If ones likes Surya, then Vaaranam Aayeram would be a treat for them. Go with less expectations , sure u will enjoy the movie.

Totally a good movie to watch. As a whole , this movie shows and says “Whatever Happens …Life has to go on …! “.
Had good time watching this movie. It’s all just about my perception and my view (not review)on this movie and has no intention to hurt any individual.

Music without Rythm…!

Life is different without my Cinderellas on my side. Its long since I have been emotionally independent. For the past 8 years I was been surrounded by few peoples on my side on every moments and events of my life. I have and had lots of friends, few stated as friends , few stated as close friends, few stated as dear ones and very few stated as Cinderellas. The last two types of friends taught me most things in my life. I learned to express , I learned to be emotional, they ignited the creativity in me, they cleared some mind blocks in me , they gave me confidence, they encouraged me, they trusted me to the core, the shown my positive and they shown my negative, they brought the best in me.

I had no problems when they were with me. They took care of everything and obviously I became dependent to them. I am unaware of that, I would be jeopardized when I loose them. Peoples come into our life for a reason/a season/a life time. Among these years they Left ( I lost) one by one. Because they came for a reason and they got their work done for me and they left. Some left without saying , some made me to take a stand, few left by saying the reason. A lot went unquestioned, a lot went unanswered , but the result was unique i.e. I am looser all the time. Everyone had a perfect reason to leave or move away ( even I had/have reasons to leave few ) but the end result was I am the Looser …!

Among the most dear ones and Cinderellas, all the Cinderellas were girls. When dear ones left I easily took it and understood but when Cinderellas left , I was jeopardized. One thing is true , Life without girls is like a baby without smile. I never come to say that Girls are Life, but they make us to feel the life. Anyway a baby without smile is also a baby , but still smiling baby shows us the happiness. Simple starting and ending points are same in the life’s journey. Thanks for giving me the Lessons for Life time. Thanks for all my dear ones and Cinderellas.

Its really different to be independent and now I started enjoying my independency. But it took a long time to come to this state. Since I am a kind of person who loves and enjoys to be in the both sides of every thing, simply I started enjoying my loneliness and independency. Sugar is good when it has more sweet in it, but for sugar patients sugar with less sweet (no sugar) is good for health. I consider me as a patient and I understood that sugar with less sweet is good for my health. 🙂 Hope I have tasted more amount of sugar.

According to me “Learning and Leading is Life“. I am really tired being in the looser end. I am nowhere here to blame others, and thanks for being my teachers and preachers of life. I learned good enough on my emotional side and hope I can lead the rest with the lessons learned. Still a long way to go ….bon voyage !

ps:- For my friends this post would have given a different perception on me and my character. But still lots of different perceptions are there to come …!