Bane of cinema industry

Negative publicity is the greatest bane of Cinema Industry in the recent times. It has different faces like reviews, memes etc., Earlier we used to see reviews and which is like more of a analysis of the movie. It was kind of positive reviews and was a great support for all the movies. But in the recent times, people started creating negative reviews and memes to get more “like” or “Fan”base. Facebook, Twitter, blogging sites, websites, Radio shows etc., plays a master role in carrying these negative publicity. No one thinks its a creation and all creations are not meant to be perfect for every ones eyes. Every creation has its own pros and cons.  None of them is aware that they are indirectly destroying lot of creations and creators.

Here are few of the victims of negative publicity in Tamil film industry 7am Arivu, Anjaan, Maatraan, Maas, Kochadayaan, Linga and Puli. From the day one, these negative publicity is getting viral and it surely affec the next day or same day box office collections. Let the general public decide about the success and flop of a movie and not the so called intelligent and talented reviewers.  Just keep one thing in mind that Movie is a creation and its a business and not a Magic which comes with no efforts. It’s all about everything for people associated with it.

Thalaivar is Back in the Game …as “Kabali”

Anything about RajiniKanth is Viral in Tamil Cinema industry. Just amazed at the response and hype coming out for Kabali ( Rajini’s Next ). No wonder he is called as “SUPER STAR” of Tamil Cinema. As a ardent fan of Thalaivar. From the day one of announcement about the movie, lot of posters designs started coming out from his fans. Each and every one is different and guys had put lot of efforts to create one (below given is the poster collage of Kabali”) and this is Thalaivar’s strength and power. No other actor in this generation or future generation will break his records in fan base and the amount of vibration he creates.


Happy to see Thalaivar in this classic white beard and back to his trademark hairstyle. Congrats to Pa.Ranjith ( Director ) for this wonderful opportunity and good luck to make a perfect movie which should break all the hiccups of “Linga”. If everything goes well, this movie will set a new trend in Indian cinema industry for its success and box office collections.

I always love to see him on screen with his rocking natural look and character of his age. Now its a dream come true. 🙂

Earlier, Now and Forever; Happy Watching Movies!

I’m a movie buff. My Love and interest for watching movies is not getting reduced as years pass by. In the recent times, I’m have become a fan of Malayalam Film industry (both off-screen and on-screen ). I just simply wonder at their simple and easy way of story telling and screenplay which is almost closer to reality and brilliant performances of the actors. Most films have a touch of their soil and surely will make any Malayalee to miss his hometown. And I have to mention about the friendliness between the artists. I’m not sure about the old Malayalam movies, I’m talking about the recent time Malayalam movies.

Mamookka, Lal Ettan, Dulquar, Nivin, Biju Menon, Kunjakogopan, Prithvi Raj, Jayaram, Fahad, Kalapavan Mani, Nithya Menon, Parvathi Menon, Nazriya Nizam etc., are my favorites.  Good to see that few of Malayalam movies hit the Box Office in Chennai in the recent times. Premam, Yennum Yepozhum, Dhrishyam, 1982, Baskar the Rascal, Shutter, Salt and Pepper, Dady Cool, Mili, Bangalore Days, Om Shanthi Osaana and Ustad Hotel are few of the recent movies I watched. I liked all the movies.
336_Malayalam Movie 2012
I never intend to compare Tamil and Malayalam industry. As I know both the industries has their own style of making, different cultures, a different way of working and different kind of audiences.  Giving importance to the story line, close to reality screenplay, nativity dialogues, beautiful ladies, language and slang, mesmerizing music, greeneries all over the movies are the key features of the success of Malayalam industry.
Anyways whatever may be the language, good to see good films. I get a lot of inspiration and motivation from Movies; Earlier, Now and Forever. Happy watching Movies. 

SHIFT+DEL for the bad memories…!

Atlast here it is …. “A drug to banish bad memories“. Yet another high profie research by few human brains. The new Pill Is Likely To Remove Unhappy Or Embarrassing Memories In Life. I was bit schoked and surprised when I read it in the TOI news paper this morning.

source: TOI 14-09-09 edition

Apart from thinking on the pros and cons fo the drug….one thing I can say, the man/company who is gonna get pattent for this will be the richest in this universe. Sure this drug will get such a demand…!

The modern research trend which works beyond and against the nature may lead this world as  shown in sci-fi movies. Simply making man a machine.

Seven pounds = 3.18 kilograms = 6 lifetime gifts

ps (pre script):- this post’s title has a relation to the movie. And this post has no spoilers.

Seven Pounds : Again a highly demonstrated emotional movie from Will Smith. A movie from the director of  “Pursuit of Happiness“. The movie deals with Ben Thomas (smith) wants to give a life time gift to seven strangers who really deserves it. He does all this things as atonement for the death of seven people in a car accident that he caused.The movie ends with a painful climax.

Seven Pounds - She gets the best of it..!

Seven Pounds - She gets the best of it..!

The feelings of a man who lost his most lovable things , has been beautifully portrayed. Will smith again rocks with his stupendous acting skills. He makes us feel his pain in all the scenes. Rosario Dawson(feel good beauty) plays the female lead and as one of the strangers in this movie. Wonderful performance by her. Till before the last ten minutes ..every one will be bit confused about smith’s activities all over the movie. The secrecy was maintained in a good way. The background score was really touching and penetrates into hearts. Hats off to Gabriele Muccino (director of this movie)…its really a directors movie.

I haven’t revealed the secrets(strengths) of this it and feel it. Hope this movie will not be a commercial hit , since this has no commercial stuffs. But a wonderful movie for will smith fans and peoples who like watch emotional stuffs etc.,. Happy watching will smith …! Hope his next movie would be prequel of “I am Legend ” …The Fall of Manhattan and DC. Really it would be interesting to see..!

“Prayers were answered”

All my prayers were answered“- A.R.Rahman quoted in a interview, the one who got 3 nominations for  best songs and original background scores for the movie “Slumdog millionaire“. Congrats to Rahman for his excellent music for all these years and he deserves to be known global.

A.R.Rahman has wide chances to get Oscar, because among the 3 songs nominated for Oscar, 2 songs are from “Slumdog Millionaire” and one from “Wall-E“.

The Music Legend - A.R.Rahman

The Music Legend - A.R.Rahman

81st Annual Academy awards (Oscar) for the year 2008 will be announced on 22nd Feb 2009.Hope A.R.Rahman will be honored with atleast one Oscar award. Lets hope for the best.

Click the link to know about other nominations – Road to Oscars 2009.

Official website – A.R.Rahman

As a greatest fan of A.R.Rahman, very avidly waiting for the results.Lashings of wishes to Rahman – The India’s pride.

It’s written…!

Slumdog Millionaire – “The feel good film of the Decade”. Story of a mumbai based slum boy about his survival and getting his childhood love back, simply about hope. Film based on the novel “Q & A” written by Vikas Swarup. As one of the US box office hit for year 2008, film bagged more international awards including Golden Globe award.

The film has been entirely shoot in India. Shows the another face of the India’s trading destination (Mumbai). The life in the mumbai slums and the surroundings were perfectly showcased.  The movie portrays the life’s reality of a kid(jamal) born in slum and made orphaned due to the ram-allah fights,running towards survival and finally got into a little job (chai wala – tea boy) and achieving his love (Latika) (hope).It’s only the life’s lessons made him to achieve the hope.

Just wonder , how come Danny Boyle decided to take a movie which displays the reality of the Mumbai slum life which can create a mis perception on India and Mumbai among world audiences. Still the movie has its own positive impacts. Every country has its own ups & downs, so nothing bad in displaying the reality. May be after this movie, more Indian directors can take some foreign issues and display it in their own way to the world.

the winning Team                             Jamal & his Hope

The winning Team......................................Jamal & his Hope

Hats off to Simon Beaufoy for his stupendous screen play. Without his screenplay the film would not have reached these much hearts. And notable efforts by Danny Boyle & Loveleen Tandan for their excellence in direction. Heart touching background scores and songs by India’s pride A.R.Rehman. Really he deserves the Golden Globe award for “Best original score”.

Predicted that, the movie will be nominated for academic awards, lets hope for the best and best wishes for A.R.Rehman for getting an Oscar award.

The movie goes along with the hidden term “Hope”, but ends with a note of  “It’s written (fate)”. Anyways a good entertainer with some good performances and good music. Happy watching 🙂 .

Hancock the (Super)Hero…!

HANCOCK –  A superhero who doesn’t care about his public image or worry about the consequences of his actions, though he saved several lives for years , he was hated for the damages he made to the city. At one point Hancock starts working with a public relations officer to make his image good.

The movie was released after lots of sensor cut. A full length entertaining comedy flick. As usual a will smith movie which implies human life is better than anything ( may be a superhero or robot or alien etc.,) . Not much impressive but a good entertainer. Will smith scores good in this movie. apart from smith “Jason Bateman” the public relations officer attracts everyone. We got to see another super women “Charlize Theron” PRO’s wife and told as a wife of Hancock several decades back. Still lots of confusions with her character in this movie….!

This is a normal movie and not as usual superhero movie. The movie opened with great promise, offering a solid action sequence blended with a nice character study but nothing was met in this movie. But Smith makes you love him, from the moment he wakes up on a bus bench, surly and hungover, and snaps crabbily at the little kid who roused him with the simple call to arms, during anger management in the prison, while testing the PRO’s wife in her kitchen about her power,while saving a police women, while getting angry with a playing kid, in all his super heroic scenes, his reactions when someone calls him Asshole etc., I just love Will Smith for whatever he is.

This was given a big image bcos of Will Smith. Seems that Peter berg, the Director of this movie got inspired by some comic super hero and started doing this movie. Lots of illogical things go with this movie. Anyways Smith took it in a better way. Wish this movie should not have a sequel.

A good movie only for Will Smith Lovers.  Just waiting for his next movie “Seven Pounds” and this will defenitly be a exellent movie. A movie deals about a  man who change the lives of seven strangers.

Mel Gibson – as a Director.

Mel Gibson …as a Director. I watched his movies Apocalypto , The passion of the Christ , Braveheart.

I was really impressed and amazed while watching the movie Apocalypto . A movie about the Mayan civilization and  a young man captured for sacrifice, flees to avoid his fate. Gibson’s direction was amazing. The whole movie is in the deep forest and we can see that how they would have struggled to take this movie. We can able to see a beautiful love in the movie , a strong friendship , a true family affection. The movie was completely screened with English subtitles. Still we can able to understand completely. The character called “Jaguar Paw”(Rudy Youngblood) has been defined and shown well. His fate was decided but , Driven by the power of his love for his wife and son, he makes an escape to rescue them and ultimately save his way of life. Really a must watch movie .

Recently i watched the movie “The passion of the Christ“. A film detailing the final hours and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The movie was about the last twelve hours of Jesus Christ. Shows some of the untold moments of Jesus. The punishments given to the Jesus was really horrible. A normal human being could not have tolerated the pain and the punishments.(forget about ” The Da Vinci Code” for now, it just given me a different perception on Jesus).

In some scenes I have just turned my face other side. I was just thinking of the others those who are worshiping Jesus as a God. How they would have felt while watching this movie. Sure most of them would have cried. I can able to understand why this movie faced lot of oppositions all over the world .

The cinematography , the way they handled the scenes , acting of Jesus (James Caviezel) and Mari (Maia Morgenstern) was excellent. I was just wondering about the director . Its like simply he is taken a risk by choosing this subject. But he scored for the way he handled this subject.

Nice watching Mel Gibsons movies. From his 4 movies I have watched 3 of them. The left out is “The Man Without a Face“. Wish to watch the movie soon.

A story that could happen to any of us…!

kannum Kannum – got a chance to watch this movie (Tamil movie). Prasanna plays the lead role .Really a nice family and emotional flick. I can say this as a perfect packed family drama. I enjoyed watching this movie. A movie with lots of perfections. Starting from the actors selection, location, characters, camera, music, comedy, performances, screen play (except 15 mins lengthy in second half) …every thing is perfect.

A movie with lots of realistic things. No scenes are there which brings tears, no too much expressing of love and affection within the family, no unwanted huggings and kissings, no masasla songs, not that much of artificial songs, no foreign locations (every thing around chennai and kuttralam) for songs, no item number. These kind of movies are rarely seen these days.

Written and Directed by G.Marimuthu , music by Deena, lyrics by Kavi peararasar Vairamuthu. Hats off to director for giving a good family flick with no vulgarity and glamor. Thanks for giving a realistic movie . Laughable comedy by vadivel (separate comedy track). Decent melodies Deena. Two songs scores well. All the Lyrics goes along with the movie and music.

Guys and gals who did not like family flicks and emotional movies and subjects , please don’t watch this movie. I promise you would not like a single reel of this movie. I am kind of person, who watch and enjoy almost all kind of movies. I give preference to conversational movies. I love to watch full time comedy movies. I enjoy watching animation movies. I feel comfortable watching action movies. Feels romantic whenever I watch romantic comedy movies. Never ignored to laugh when I watch comedy movies and scenes. Never hesitated to sing along  with songs in movies. Always try to act like a bold guy whenever I watch horror movies.Never tried to hide my tears during the emotional scenes. I will be the first one to watch the pure cinemas (movies inspired by/based on true story). Learned and inspired a lot from historical movies.

So I guarantee the movie Kannum Kannum is a good movie to watch. A movie which deals with the struggle between relationship and feelings. After a long time in tamil movies , the importance was given to relationships than feelings (love). Credit goes to the director. The reasons and logics are acceptable. Good to see these kinds of movie in the modern trends (among the highly packed masala movies).

my Views in tamil ” uravugalukum , unarvugalukum nadakum porratam…”
“Unarvugalal kediatha Uravugal, Uravugalal tholaitha unarvugal” – – Kannum Kannum.

the movie was not box office or hit , because of the poor advertisement and the time of release. And also good movies are not recognized mostly. Kannum kannum is one among those good movies.

Kannum Kannum – A story that could happen to any of us.