Its all about passion…!

Eight crazy minds, each one is different and talented in their own way but selected the same path to travel towards their carieer, joined hands and started working as a team. Only job is to play with pencil to colors. dealing with 2Dimension and 3 Dimensions, creative ideas to give identity, browsing through web as pages and contents. Worked with joy , took all the pressures as pleasures, made all the pain into gain,  with full efforts and interest , the team completed few projects in multimedia (graphics, animation2d, 3d, web etc.,).

Loads of fun @ work, regular entertainments , hangover in job, met the pressures to the peak level, eating together, playing with each other, meeting targets, sometime missing targets, finding reasons, compromising  with clients, lots of hiccups, learning every day. These are the things happening  over past 8 months. CRAZY PENCILZ STUDIO was the name confirmed for the new venture (STUDIO), transformed from HomeOffiec to Office from August 20th 2010.

Yes its me along with my friends formed Crazy Pencilz Studio and travelling together all these days and further. On Aug 20th we formally entered the new Studio space. Tats the reason I mentioned Aug 20 was special for two reasons ( ma b’day and CPZ opening day). I’m lucky to have it on ma bithday.  Crazy Pencilz Studio is like a Reality come true thing. We are just in the initial stage now and still a looooong way to go.

Life was not very easy all these months, but its worth to get the pain. We learned a lot and still learning, and happy to see the improvements in our works.  whatever we do we do with 100% involvement, so we get the best output. Will work more to keep the momentum and to reach next levels. Everyone has a dream and destiny, and through Crazy Pecnilz we will try to make it possible and easy to reach. Personally Crazy Pencilz mean a lot to me. Will never let it go down. I will never say this is my last try, but I can say its my first try.

“Veezvathu kutram alla…yezha marupathu thaan kuram”

In English

“Falling is not a mistake, but failing to rise is a mistake”

This  few words keeps me going. With all my confidence and passion I can do it. Its a day to cheer ourselves for the new beginning. All the best CPZ team, lets march towards next level.

My best and worst of 2009 (5 0f 30)

Got  into a new IMAGE. Yeah its April 1’st week I joined the Image Infotainment Ltd., for learning Flash CS3 and Photoshop CS3. All new experiences , new persons, new environment and new avatar as STUDENT. I was HAPPY to be student again.

Into the Happy MASK

Being with young people always makes us young. Almost everyone around me were younger than me, including the staff members. I can say many of students as kids (16 to 19 years).Image Infotainment took the pride of giving me the most beautiful days in my life. I enjoyed every day and every classes. I got a nice team there. Whole new bunch of close friends.

Happy started my career with IMAGE and worked hard to learn things quickly. Life is really Beautiful with this  new IMAGE.

My best and worst of 2009 (3-30)

Good or bad , but the day was important. It was on Feb 16th,2009 we got an important announcement from our company. Its all about closing the India operations due to the financial crisis (recession). No other choices given to us and we were asked to leave the company by the end of Feb 2009.

Except for me almost for every one in the company it was a shocking news. May be little bit I expected this to happen but never thought this much early. No compensation , no formalities nothing. My 4.3 years of IT experience was a big question mark for me. For the past three years, I lost my interest in working as a software engineer and was looking for a right time to come away from this. Had few commitments regarding paying my loans. So I was not seriously looking for a shift in industry.

At that time when our company decided to close the India operations, I was almost settled down with my commitments. So I just took three days to make a decision and decided to quit IT industry and to shift my career towards multimedia. I had great confidence in me and I decided in my own.So made the decision whole heartedly and told my family ( took some time to convenience my brother..but made it). Only very few supported me for this decision (sister , few of my close ones).

I took that as a good chance for a shift. I haven’t told many of my friends until now …just don’t wanted to make them feel different and don’t wanted to hear bunch of advices.  My new approach towards the so called beautiful life was started from that day and it was quite interesting till now.

Good Bye to IT Industry...!

For the thousand lines of code in Java, for the lovable research work in VOIP/SIP (Asterisk server),  for the so called user friendly Suse/Debian Linux OS, for the sophisticated workplace, for my coffee mug; beautiful monitor, for the top notch technical job, for the most beautiful IT industry – I just said a GOOD BYE  with all my LOVE.

Really…..Good or bad the day was good…Feb 16th 2009.

Sand language reached many hearts …!

09 th may 09 (Saturday) me along with my friends from a leading Multimedia training company(IMAGE Infotainment ltd.,) were  involved in a awareness campaign on voting. We created few sand sculptures in the Elliot’s Beach (Besant Nagar, Chennai) to create awareness among the public for voting in the final phase of election.

For all of us this was the experience to build a sculpture in sand and it was really a awful experience to build there. It was a bit hard one to make but interesting and every one enjoyed a lot. Even though the climate was around 38 degree on that day…it hadn’t disturbed us because of the involvement . We started at 5.30 am in the morning  and finished at 12.30 pm noon.

Evening I went there at around 5.45 pm and the response was really great and lots of interesting comments from public. Hope the sand would have spoken few words to them and we will be happy at least these sculptures change few minds to vote this time.

Rebuild our nation with votes

Rebuild our nation with votes

Few of the interesting comments are,

1. you say please vote..but for whom ?

2. Are you working for Election commission.

3. that Swastika symbol belongs to which political party ?

4. Still election is going on ?

5. You ppl belong to which party ?

6. are you peoples from fine arts college ?

7. Hats off to you guys for this wonderful job…!

8. Every thing is okay, but we have to rethink on the voting system.

9. What does the symbol represents ?

10. Sure We will vote this time …!

11. I will ask my friends and neighbors to vote ?

12. Good work by these guys but useless and its waste of time on voting.

For first time voters

For first time voters

But on an average , almost everyone on the beach came near this sculptures and had a look at it and commented and also took photos with mobile cams etc., It was nice been there by hearing all the comments and reactions. Really a gr8 day and beautiful day in  my life. I thank Mr. Sri Balaji (my visual design guru) for given me a chance to be a part of this.

Wish at least the final phase of election should register above 75 to 85 % of votes.To change the fate of the nation…please vote without hate. Election date is May 13th 2009 (wednesday).