The most awaited Tamil Nadu State Board HSSLC (12th) standard results for 2012 will be announced on May 22, 2012.  The results can be viewed in the following links when announced and published and can check this blog for the Detailed report of the results .










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We @ Blossom also waiting for the results..Since 3 of our QUEST Education Center students appeared for the 12th standard exams. all the best for QEC Stuents,..!

Blame Game Again….!

Whom to Blame – this Game never ends. I have prepared a brief report on the Tamilnadu HSC (12th) stateboard results 2010. With little bit improvement in the overall performance when compared to last year (2009). Good to see the overall performance of corporation school students when compared to last year. For 25th consecutive year virudunagar dt., has topped the list in pass percentage with 96%.

report on 12th std exam results 2010

Good things are known to every one through visual and print media. Coming to the other side, the overall performance of government schools are not much improved. A little bit increase in pass percentage doesn’t mean a lot. Few schools recorded around only 40% as pass percentage and no school has recorded 100% . No considerable state rank from the regualr subjects, most of the top ranks are from vocational subjects like photography , Food preservation, home science, medical lab tech, lithography printing etc., This story continues every year.

In the meantime, TN super power government announced caste based offers on the cutt of marks. This makes the Engineering to be easily accessible to everyone. Already corporate companies are complaining about , more number of non qualified fresh engineers coming out every year. With lacking in analytical and communicational skills, the unemployment will be increased. Engineering is not the only degree to pursue..there are lots of other areas to excel.

Govt., has to work on root(inner level) to improve the standards on schools and to make the student competitive. Reducing the cut off marks and giving offers on that , will never help them in long term. With lots of non standard schools & Engg. colleges, we should not expect the students to be qualified. Help the students to score more marks and not by reducing the cut off marks. Education department requires a serious attention to make India a self sustained country. More money , more knowledge to be invested on the Education department.

I Dream for the day, “Top marks from govt., schools” , “DAV schools comes last in the list” , “English not a barrier for rural students”, “Money not a barrier for higher studies”, “Caste no bar for admissions”, “educational based things in the manifesto of political parties” etc.,

Dreams will come true….!

Lashings of thanks to all the NGO’s, who worked behind the scenes of most government schools for betterment of the students.Next year the results will be and should be much better will all the NGO’s and teachers support.

ps:- All the above said are just my views, the details in the report are purely prepared from the news papers, accuracy of the data are based on that. I’m not against any particular government or schools. Just an social anger..” why not govt., schools”.

Report on 12th std exam results – TN 2009

12th results has been announced last week .  The pass percentage has been bit decreased when compared to last year and the students from rural tamil nadu glitter this year. Students from Chennai faced a little set back this year. Unlike last year the govt schools in Chennai  lack in marks and pass percentage when compared to the govt  schools out of Chennai.

The Chennai corporation schools are not upto the mark this time. Few schools have recorded worst pass percentage. Happy news is few of the most backward districts of tamilnadu has shown a wonderful performance.

Please find the link for the detailed and reader friendly report on the 12th standard results 2009. The report talks about the govt school progress, pass percentage, top scorers district wise and in whole. Sorry for not able to cover all the districts. All the data’s in the report were collected from the news papers like Dinamalar, dinathanthi,thinamani,thinakaran,thina chudar,thamiz oosai,thamiz news,malai murasu,times of India, The Hindu, Indian express,malai malar,thina sudar.

Report : 12th std exam 2009 results review – district wise

Some of the interesting facts ,

  • For 24th consecutive year  virudunagar dt has topped the list in pass percentage.
  • None of the Govt/corp schools in Chennai has secured 100 percent pass percentage.
  • Around 5 schools has recorded less than 50% pass percentage.
  • DAV schools of Chennai take the credits of the TOP marks of Tamil nadu (non tamil as first language) 1190,1188,1186.
  • Top 10 students (three ranks) were from outside Chennai schools.

These facts apart, lets come to the review of the results. I’m not here just to play a blame game on the govt schools standards by comparing with the private schools. And for time being we cannot compare these two. Because for comparing  we should have at least few facts as competing.

The biggest organization with large infrastructures , highest man power , surplus money, lots of super brains, with more students strength and technology in hands. I mean govt as the organization. What else one need to run a school successfully. Why govt schools fail to make a mark ? They can say 1000 reasons for all these but how long we are gonna tell reasons ? When we are gonna work on solving this ?

I’m not blaming this particular govt..but all the past govts. All these years I have never  heard of a productive plans on improving quality in education of govt schools. No political party speaks about these area. No manifesto has given a clear promise in education department. I accept that infrastructure wise the govt schools are improved a lot. Computers reached almost all the schools. But what is the use in it..? Without having the efficient teachers and  with no proper monitoring  all these are waste of money.

Question the schools and staffs for the worst results ? Suspend the teachers who shown some poor performance without a valid reason. Provide performance based incentives to the teachers. Re validate the qualification of a teacher to enter the schools. Do more screening for selecting a teacher.  Give promotions only based on the performance and not only with the experience and say no to quota based postings. Please remove the reservation atleast for this department. The education minister should be well educated. Undertake all the management govt schools from the remote villages. Provide school busses/vans for students transportation. Set a standard for teachers skills and monitor for two years and if not met provide them VRS and appoint new teachers with high skills. Close almost all the B’Ed colleges started in the recent years and few colleges are enough to produce highly skilled teachers. Do not recognize D’Ed (diplomain teacher training).

Still  more things to consider. I just wanted to make a note that , Education department is the one to be given top most priority which in turn give lots of improvement in India. Reconsructing the teachers ability will bring more changes initially and then we can consider on other things of education department.

Still I dream for the day that no NGO’s are working for govt schools to provide quality in education and infrastructure. Else leave it to the NGO’s for few years and the young minds will bring a change for sure.And finally , government schools are not upto the mark and there is no reason to hide this.

back to school …joining in 1st standard…!

Atlast I got the Demo Cd’s of ABL method. ABL is a new teaching method followed in all the public (govt.) schools of Tamil Nadu. I was dying to get the details and demo cd of ABL for past 10 months. Thanks to the Headmastar of the school for getting me the demo cd’s. I have to see all the cd’s and understand about the ABL method. Hope this would be a interesting one to check with all the cd’s.

This week I am flooded with some other jobs ( preparing financial report, meeting auditor , and a component delivery in office etc.,). Hope fully I will start watching it by next week. So I will be joining in 1st standard by next week. Interesting …..!

As a part Blossom (a NGO working for towards better society) also supported few schools by providing the paintings needed for ABL method. Blossom also have plans to provide the painting in more public schools of Tamilnadu. So this is our responsibility to know more about ABL method .As a good part I met a person, who can provide me the set of ABL method cards. Hope this should be helpful for us to learn more about ABL.

I always wish to go back to my child hood …! But now got chance to go back to my school days by learning from 1st to 5th standard subjects. Is there any easy way like this to go back to my childhood days again ?? ???????? 🙂

Note :- ABL – Activity Based Learning , introduced by a NGO few years back and accepted by the Andra government and was implemented in few schools. Few years back Taminadu government also considered this system and implemented partially in few govt schools and last year in all the public schools this was implemented. This system was implemented for 1st to 5th standard kids. ABL is for primary education and ALM – Active Learning Method is for upper primary level ( 6th to 9th standard). ALM is in the research phase and will be implemented by next year.

12th standard resuslts …!

The most awaited 12 resutls were announced. This year the pass percentage has been increased when compared to last few years. The total pass percentage of tamil nadu students were 84.4 % and last year it was 81%. The real good news is , the results of the govt. schools in chennai. The pass percentage in chennai corp schools is 81%.And this year we can able to see some good marks among the govt school students. It’s a good sign that we can see some good marks from govt schools.

Government Schools

Total number of corp. schools in chennai = 27
Marks No .of students
2007 | 2008

no. of students scored more than 1100 = 10 ( 4 students in 2007)

no. of students scored more than 1000 = 151 (117 in 2007)

no. of students scored 100 in subjects = 18 (3 in 2007) (noticeable improvement)

5 state ranks from vocational courses like food preservation (first 3 ranks), dress Makinng and designing (2- first ranks)
Top scores – 1143
Other govt school’s top score – 1078
One school in north chennai has shown 100 pass result.

Private Schools :

In the private and other schools asusuall the results are really good this year.Centum scorers were doubled when compared to last year(5851 students in 2008 ,2649 studetns in 2007). Apart from chennai the most dominated district is namakal. IT has tamilnadu’s few best schools.

Chennai City students pass percentage – 89 %
Top score – 1191 ( other language as first language).

In general:

Total students appeared for exam = 5,87,994
Overall pass percentage = 84.4% 2008 ; 81% in 2007
Top score – 1182 (two students) Namakal district.
Centum scorers – 5851 in 2008 , 2649 in 2007. (almost doubled ).

Ps:- source from The Hindu and Dinamalar news papers dated 10 th May 08.

Overall view is , 2008 is a good year to all 12th students. And congrats to the govt. schools in chennai for their improvement in results.Have to check with the status of the other government schools of Tamil nadu. This I accept as a fair improvement on the govt. schools and not a good or better improvement.

the thing is we should not compare the govt. schools with the other govt. schools. It should be compared with the other private schools. So that they can improve lot. Still a long way to go. Is this ok to get 161 students to get more than 1000 among 12000 govt school children in chennai ? Is this fair enough ?. Its just around 2 percent of the total students. What about the status of the other govt schools in tamil nadu. The results will be more worst than these schools. The difference between the public and private schools very big.When we are going to bridge this gap ?

Just passing the exams doesn’t matters. What about the skills they have when they complete 12th. The skills among the rural students are very less and incomparable with the city and town side school students.India is growing rapidly in all the departments. But if the imbalance in the quality of education continues, the growth will be stopped abruptly.

A little concentration from government will bring big changes in the rural education. Let’s bring a revolution in rural education. Let them equally compete with the city students. Lets give them the liberty of getting the so called quality education . At present govt schools are not chosen by students or parents. They are there because they have no option. Only the economic status takes decision instead of them.

On behalf of Blossom , I wish to to invite more NGO’s to join hands. Only NGO’s can do this. It’s no use in depending on a government. Let’s work together and govt. may join us later. It’s our social responsibility. We need the co-operation from govt school teachers and HM’s. Wish all out dreams come true. Lets give world class public schools for our next generation.Let’s also see more NRI students in govt schools. 🙂

Revolutions are not born/made ..they are brought. So Let’s bring it…!

learning is not a burden

Learning is not a burden” – This is a new scheme introduced by Tamil Nadu Government earlier this week. i.e. the child laptops will be given to all school children’s. The Laptops will be preloaded with the lessons and the syllabus. Preloaded multemedia sessions will be there in laptops. At preset this scheme is implemented on experimental basis. i.e. they planned to select a private school in city and one in rural area. And one Class from the school will be selected and provided with the laptops. In the home they can use the books given in school. No need to carry the books to school.

The main aim of the scheme is to reduce the school bag luggage of he children and to bring some more interest in education. Good to see some interesting schemes introduced by the government related to the school education.

Two questions comes in my mind ,

1. Is this a useful scheme, will this be a successful one ?

2. Is this necessary at this situation ? Have they ever evaluated the present situation of govt. schools ?

My Answers are here… this seems to be a useful scheme and it will be successful one. But only for the city based schools and children’s. When I read this article in the news paper, I couldn’t help me from stop laughing.Does any one knows and cares here about the current situation of public schools ? There would be at least two generation gap between the private schools and public schools in Tamil Nadu (India). Quantity is good but quality is going worst in government schools. May be very few public schools will be good but not the most schools.

It’s very foolish to think of providing a laptop, when the school children’s are not provided with tables and chairs to sit and no class rooms in few schools and almost no quality staffs in most schools. For who’s sake this scheme is introduced. Every scheme has a polish of the politics in it. So they can add in the election campaign as “provided laptops to the schools and improved the education quality and reduced the burden of learning” .

We (Blossom team) have visited several government schools in the Madurai and Virudunagar based villages. I feel very pity on those children’s. Who is going to bring the changes in the public schools? when they will get the equality in education ? who is going to bridge the gap between private and public schools ? No answers right now ….but soon…we will get answers. we are all working on that.

We have confidence in bringing changes….lets wish ..no one should stop us doing this. After that learning will not be a burden.

but now …..?