may for many results…!

Results for Higher secondary board examinations (12th std ) are expected to be announced on the beginning of the second week of may 2009 (8th to 10th may). Till now government has not confirmed with the results date.

Please check these official links on the updates of result announcement date from education department.

Avidly waiting for the results and to see the progress of 2009 students when compared to 2008 students. I will update with a detailed comparison of the results in this blog on the day of announcement. Get back here soon…!

May is for many, main results (exam results , Election results, IPL ) and its life , fate and game. Hope the hard work should not be failed for first and last ;the honest work should not be failed for the second. May month may not be a good one for all but may be good for few who wins.

Hope for better scores this year…!

10th standard public board exam has started from 25th march 09 and ends on 8th April 2009. . Four of our QEC (Quest Education center) students are appearing for exams this year. They were trained well and hope to get some good results this year. Getting some g0od scores will bring more students to QEC from adjacent villages. Which in turn will benefit more number students.

All the best for Exams

All the best for Exams

Wishing all the best for the students on their first board exams.Wish the pass percentage should be high this year when compared to last year.

ps:- QEC is a education center run by Blossom, which provides supplementary education to the students in remote villages.