Wish to change aleast to save others life…!

For the past 5 to 6 months I’m driving my bike very faster. Usually I drive bit fast but not too rash, but nowadays I started driving rash . It’s like fearless driving…I feel like I got some keen concentration and more control to drive faster in the peak hours. Still using the same bike and using the same roads. But things changed in my driving, my average speed has been increased, number of times I use my breaks has been considerable reduced. I almost doing zig zag in roads to cross the traffics etc., Still I wonder why this fearless state in me …?

safe driving is good for life (atleast for others life)

Safe driving is good (atleast for others life)

Though I enjoy this driving style …I’m aware that this is not fair and this is dangerous to me and my bike (Yamaha Rx-100). More than that it is dangerous to other innocent ppl driving on the roads. Driving faster is not a wrong thing..but driving rash and zig zag’s should be avoided. I wish I should change my mind to reduce some speed and do not drive rashly. Happy driving with some discipline…! Atleast for others life …I need to change my driving style…!