hope it’s gone …!

10 beautiful days have passed without writing a post.Lots of interesting things happened in the past 10 days.I was just preoccupied with the  most unforgettable days,moments,incidents etc., I can say November 2008 taught me more lessons  and hope this is the right time to get it.

One more happiest things is , I had around 3 to 4 dreamless sleep in the past one week. Its really wonderful to have a dreamless sleep.It’s a good sign of my inner development. Hope this continues :). Anyways for me life is always beautiful with or without dreams.

traveling and living …!

This was the 5th weekend I was traveling. June month is really hectic for me. I was so tired. I usually love to travel , but traveling in weekends and coming back to work on Monday is a hectic one. Among the five weekend travels few travels were more uncomfortable. Those were the unplanned journeys ..so I haven’t booked tickets. So I had few uncomfortable journeys.

Already I am loosing my sleepy nights because of the f…..g dreams. These uncomfortable journeys makes me so tired. Nowadays I am afraid of traveling through buses. Anyways thanks for the Bourbon biscuits, (Maaza/slice) mango drink, Ipod music player, vikadan magazine and off course THE MOON for making my journeys good.

The worst part was , last month I was flooded with tasks (preparing the accounts sheet for Blossom, Collecting and finalizing ed. requests, target date of my component in office, working on prototype model for QUEST, checking with the ABL videos, collecting requests/quotations from govt. schools and finalizing , communicating with HTSL community services, preparing QEC visit report, meeting auditor for accounts and AT-G80, etc.,). Its not the toughest job to do all these things, but I failed to manage my time. May be its because I am weak mentally and physically. Both are due to the sleepless(dream full) nights. Still I have few tasks unfinished. Hope to complete it by this weekend.

I always feel guilty when I could not able to maintain my time. I feel bad to the core when I couldn’t able to complete the tasks in the accepted time. Except for office work , for other tasks no one forced me to the give a short schedule. I have given the schedule, but I could not able to make it.It’s all about time management. I know where I was going wrong. I should start working on it to get it wright.

For now, I am tired. I wish to sleep for hours without any disturbance and dreams. Hope a good sleep will be a panacea.

need a T68 SMG – Gun, to shoot the one I hate !!!

I need a machine Gun (T68 SMG : Sub-Machine Gun .. hope this one will be enough) to shoot my sleep killer.

I hate it ….the only one thing in this world I hate to the core is this one. The only one thing I never want to see and have it in my life is this thing. I don’t know why I am getting it frequently, I have no words to express my angriness on this.

The thing is — D.R.E.A.M. (occurs while sleeping). It took/takes all my sleep … I have no good feeling when I woke up daily. Good thoughts , unwanted thoughts , good ones , bad ones , incidents , accidents , persons , things , missed ones, loving ones, ability , inability, hunting’s, feelings , happiness, worries, imaginations etc ., etc., Every thing comes in my mind while sleeping. Literally I can say , In the past 5 to 7 years I had only few dreamless nights. I can count it very easily.

Is there any good ways to overcome it ( mediation ?? , physical workouts ??, warm water bath ??, reducing dinner ??) ?? As a result I feel like I lost everything when I woke up in the morning …I feel like its better to be slept always. I can feel the pain inside my mind .

Whenever peoples wish me “sweet dreams” , I suddenly reply them and ask them to take back their wish. Hope every thing will be ok in some days. Waiting for that day ..to enjoy my dreamless sleep. I am just waiting to have a sleep for at least 8 hours without dreams.

I am tired of getting DREAMS.  Hi DREAMS … please say a good bye to me and leave me forever.