Birthday to My dear Dream…!

Oct 11, its a day to celebrate. Three beautiful year has been over and  we are stepping into 4th successful year. Yeah its BLOSSOM’s BIRTHDAY and simply we call it as B Day. Really happy to pen this post. Every year is a new challenge and we are looking forward for a brand new 4th year with lots of hopes and dreams.

And speaking about last years progress, we have to accept that we are not satisfied with the Priyamudan & h.A.A.r.t projects. We haven’t done any thing new. We just continued what we have  committed already. But in the QUEST project we can say that its a great year. We made lots of progress and seen some wonderful response from the students. Lack of progress in other projects are due to reduced  funds and volunteers. Recession played a good role in funds flow. At one stage we were badly hit due to funds. Anyways managed to proceed with some of our guys from US.

Setbacks are always there..but with all the supporting hearts and encouraging words we step towards the brand new 4th year. We never dream without putting proper hard work. Have lots of plans for this year. Wish to bloom in more lives to bring smiles and shines. Together we can…together we should…! BLOSSOM – lets bring it…!

Lashings of thanks for all kind hears and encouraging words all over the year. Thanks for believing us and thanks for being and making us socially responsible. Thanks for being with us in the worst situations…! Without you this B Day would have been meaningless.

Finally ..hearty wishes to our dream and our vision – BLOSSOM. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Birthday to my DREAM, my VISION (Blossom)

Birthday to my DREAM, my VISION (Blossom)

ps:- BLOSSOM – is a social welfare organization. QUEST , Priyamudan &  h.A.A.r.T are the projects of Blossom.

Meeting with Dr.Kalam at Raj Bhavan, Chennai

Oct 7th of 2009 (tomorrow) , Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is meeting  the representatives from 30  NGO’s  and will be discussing on the social grounds. Dr. Kalam wanted to meet all the NGO representatives to know more about the organizations . Will be giving some advice on the development of India through the activities of Action 2020 group, which is working towards the dream vision- India 2020. Action 2020 is a network/group which links around 35 NGO’s working in and around TamilNadu. Dr.Kalam has always shown some special interest on the Action 2020 team activities.

Dr.Kalam - the man of biggest Dreams

Dr.Kalam - the man of biggest Dreams

Blossom is also part of the Action 2020 team and our representatives (mohan & Arun) are also meeting Dr.Kalam tomorrow. And its good to see a great man interested in the NGO’s works and inspiring them by his commitment and his activities.

The meeting is scheduled on 7th Oct 2009 , 8.15 pm at RAJ BHAVAN, Chennai and the time given was one hour. And we wish the meeting should be extended for some more time. So that we can get some more ideas from Dr.Kalam to proceed further. Happy to be a part of Action 2020 and happy to meet Dr.Kalam. Let me update with the happenings soon.

Right thing happening in right time…!

YHM a growing 2 year old NGO got proper recognition in very short period. Its really a boosting thing that medias are focusing on more good things. Kalam Nagappan of YHM, an astounding young guy who has lots of patriotism and build with high moral values is the founder of YHM. It would be highly inspirational to see nagappan and his friends working as a team.

We (Blossom) were associated with them for few projects from the day one of YHM. I have never seen a setback in these two years. They keep on moving forward with their volunteer strength and the team work.I remember in the beginning days they were not that much flooded with money in their accounts, because most of the volunteers are students. But at that time also they never fed up and they worked with the same spirit and now they are sort of financially stable when compared to those days. I still remember that, one year back I had told mari and mohan (trustees of Blossom) that YHM will reach heights in very short period and their hard work will get recognized in right time. And things happened in right time.

YHM representatives had a meeting with Dr.Kalam , YHM founder’s interview in Dinamalar News paper,article in Billion Beats E- Magazine, YHM interview on AIR (Rainbow FM), portrayed as unsung heroes and interview by Prime point foundation, etc ., etc., these are the few of the recognitions they got recently.

Click for Article in Dinamalar news paper

Website – Young Helping Minds

Most times we really wondered at their commitment in the field work. In the beginning every week end they will be involved in the field works and nowadays seems that they are involved in the week days too. Really  the commitment they have shown took them to this height. Still a long way to  go , but this is the right time to get recognized. Because this recognition will help them to move faster and to break some practical issues they face.

In my observation I  can say that the secret of YHM’s success would be ,

1. They discuss each and every thing with their members, despite of getting no response also they never stopped discussing the things with members.

2. They seek suggestions for most of their activities, which helps them to improve more.

3. Their core team meets almost all the Sundays for a formal meeting and discuss the issues and activities.

4. They give each core team members a responsibility to handle. This helps them to involve more ans show more commitment towards the activities.

5.In the beginning they never took any big projects which are beyond their ability.This helped them to complete more projects and got to see some productive results.Which in turn gave them a confidence that today they can handle any projects big or small.

6.The last and biggest secret was , in the beginning most of their volunteers are students and Non-IT professionals , which helped them to build a strong foundation and more fire on field works.But now they have equal strength of IT peoples also.

I sure that, they would have faced hell a lot of hiccups in these two years both personally and socially.But we have to realise one thing that “no pain no gain”. But here YHM’s pain is India’s gian.

Hats off to Nagappan,Pomudi,Poornima,Renjini,Sathya,Boopathy,karthik and the YHM team (sorry for not able to mention all the names of core team) for your unconditional love on this nation and for your commitment towards the better India.

And I am sure that now we could not say YHM as a young NGO because they well  grown up now by reaching numerous hearts and lives. Wishing all the best for the success of YHM activities and succeeding the short term goal of starting a Montessori school for under privileged, reaching 100 educational requests and involving 10000 members as volunteers.

Still a long way to go and lots of hurdles are there to face. We(Blossom) are here to come along with you (YHM) and especially while facing hurdles. YHM you really deserve it and very happy to accompany you as a partner NGO.