Almost lost my breath for 6 mins

It’s the last six mins…heartbeats are becoming abnormal, hands started  shivering, out of breath…just taking some extra air through mouth, the temptations are kept on increasing…but still Sachin’s team (Mumbai Indian’s) lost the match by 3 runs to Kings 11 (yuvraj’s team). Mind says its after all a game but still heart says its Sachin’s team in trouble.It took me some 10 mins after the match to get back to the normal breath .

breath is a game.

breath is a game.

Yes its DLF – IPL 2009. It’s interesting to see this years IPL, because every team is competing and matches are closing with a little difference. Almost every match ends in the last its a nail biting experience often.  Really good cricket to watch. And the results were topsy-turvy when compared to 2008 IPL. Wish a bounce back from Kolkatta Knight Riders (KKR) and hope lots of surprises are awaiting.

Lots of matches are yet to be played… good to watch when we take it only to mind and not to heart. Happy watching cricket…!


Olympics – Gold medal for India

Congrats BINDRA Abhinav for winning the men’s 10- meter air rifle event at the Beijing Games today. A gold medal after 28 years and  an individual Olympic gold medal after 108 years.

Lets hope for some other medals …! All the best .

Olympic – Beijing 2008

Today Aug, 08 is the most awaited day for sportsmen and sport lovers. From today the Olympic 2008 starts. In next few days the countries will start counting the medals. Hats off to China for creating a new city (reconstructing) Beijing for Olympics. I really wonder at their hard work, interest and efforts on this. All the photos and news I have seen and read were really amazing. “The winning of the 2008 Olympic bid was an example of the international recognition of China’s social stability, economic progress and the healthy life of the Chinese people.” And china’s effort , we can name Olympic 2008 it as  Chinalympic – 2008.

Logo - Olympic 2008

Logo - Olympic 2008

The next thought come into my (any Indian) mind would be , how many medals for India ? Will India Shine ? . Our medals history in Olympics were very poor. Wish this year Olympics should be a platform for Indian sportsmen to display their talents.

Here is the official website for Beijing – Olympics 2008 . The Olyimpic fever will continue untill August 24th 2008. 38 games , 16 days , 205 nations and 302 Gold medals, really its going to be a memorable days to China and the world.  Best Wishes.

Cricket after 10 years …!

It has been 10 years since I played my last cricket match. Yes it was 1997 I played my last cricket match with my school and neighborhood friends. Those are the time we play football (small ball) in the afternoon lunch hour , hand tennis during the morning and afternoon tea breaks ,cricket in all the games period and holidays and weekends.

I was not a very good cricketer and in the same time I was not a very bad cricketer. I play a moderate game and a all rounder. I am a medium fast bowler and a right hand middle order batsman.  Regarding batting I am not a hitter. We played lots of cricket during the school days. We never considered the hot sun , we play for hours n hours. Those were all bet matches, and the betting amount will be 5 rs and a ball or 50 rs maximum. 50 rs was a very big money at that time. Sometimes we go for tournaments and get damaged with the big and best teams. But after my school days I was put into diploma and there we don’t had a option of playing. While doing my engineering I got chances to play , but at that time I was not interested (frankly speaking I am afraid of playing with some good cricketers ).

But now I have started playing cricket with my colleagues. We started playing in the saturday mornings. We have played four matches starting from last two months (May 08). But now its really fun to paly it , I lost the touch and I am afraid of balls sometimes. In the first match I delivered around 13 balls per over, but made little improvement after that. Anyway its good to play.

Hope to continue this and wish most of the saturday morning should be started with a cricket match. Wish to see the alrounder back in form :). Playing is a kind of enjoyment where I forget everything except the game. I Love playing and wish to continue…! 🙂