Wings Of Evolution

Sunday 19th may 08 10.00 am to 11.45 am was one of the cherishing moments of my life. I was there at sathyam cinema’s to watch a documentary movie called “Wings of Evolution” . Really unforgettable moments filled with emotions and achievements of real hard work.

“Wings of Evolution” – A docu. movie based on the revolutionary Educational system followed in a School called Siragufound by “Suyam charitable Trust“. The school was found mainly to help the children’s of pavement dwellers(street childrens) and childrens from economically challenged families. The movie was completely based on the Siragu school and the story of forming the Siragu school. The complete movie was narrated by Uma and Muthuram, the fouders of Siragu scool.The movie was scripted in a unique way as such they never portrayed the struggels and the requirements/needs of the school. The move was just made to say every one about the social responsibility of individuals and the reach of quality education for all children.

The movie was made by “Accessible Horizon Films” and directed by Raghu Jeganathan and Ramesh Mourthy and their team. Really a good job done by Raghu and co. A movie can be portrayed as a good movie by two terms,What was told and How it was told. This movie can be said as good movie for the term “what was told”. After the move we had a discussion session about the movie. Actor-Director Parthiban and Director Vasanth were there for discussion. The discussion went on for 30 mins and it was good.The film also won the best short documentary award in the International Lake Forest Film Festival ,2008.

It’s good to see some same minded peoples around us.I came to know that our (Blossom’s) vision is same as of Siragu. We are in the process of building a protopype model for a new education system for rural childrens. We are completely against macaley Education system.Siragu has the simillar thoughts. Hope to meet them in person in a week’s time.

Hats off to Uma and Muthuram of Siragu school, for working towards a revolutionaly educational system. Sure this will bring a change in the next generation rural India. Special thanks to Sathyam Cinemas for given a platform for encouraging and displaying these kinds of socail activites.

Revolution in Education System – Let’s Bring it …!