Good / Bad – Emotions are Same !!!

It’s all about the most awaited movie of the year..”Vikram Vedha” with the lead actors Madhavan (maddy) & Vijay Sethupathi. After 7 years, the director duo is back with a brilliantly written action thriller with a base line adoption of well-known childhood tales “Vikaramathithyan & Vedhalam”.   I’m a great fan of their earlier movies “Va Quarter cutting” & “Oram Poo” and this movie tops the chart among them.

It’s a visual treat to watch the on the flow brilliant and natural performances of Vijay Sethupati & Maddy. The battle here is between the minds and not the Good or Bad. The greatest thing about this movie is the screenplay. Whenever a story narrated by Vijay Sethupathi, it just kindles the curiosity in us and the final question asked by him makes everyone think of it for a prompt answer. Immediately after Maddy gives an answer…we were able to justify it and relate the story which is common for Vikram & Vedha. One can witness the brilliance of the director with these kinds of narration.

And moreover, Vijay Sethupathi’s introduction is the best ever introduction scene in the recent times and he is at his best again. Maddy’s meticulous reactions at few scenes make him one of the finest actors across film industries.

Finest casting, Unique story narration, brilliant screenplay, perfect direction, lead actors at their best, best BGM, well-framed dialogues, beautiful emotions of brothers and subtle love of a husband & Wife…what else we need from a movie.

Everybody has Vikram & Vedha as a part of them. Based on the situation, we are choosing to be Vikram or Vedha. It’s not about Hero or Villan, Good or Bad. It’s all about mind games… between Vikram-Vedha & Good-Bad. Good or Bad…Emotions are Same !!!

A story that could happen to any of us…!

kannum Kannum – got a chance to watch this movie (Tamil movie). Prasanna plays the lead role .Really a nice family and emotional flick. I can say this as a perfect packed family drama. I enjoyed watching this movie. A movie with lots of perfections. Starting from the actors selection, location, characters, camera, music, comedy, performances, screen play (except 15 mins lengthy in second half) …every thing is perfect.

A movie with lots of realistic things. No scenes are there which brings tears, no too much expressing of love and affection within the family, no unwanted huggings and kissings, no masasla songs, not that much of artificial songs, no foreign locations (every thing around chennai and kuttralam) for songs, no item number. These kind of movies are rarely seen these days.

Written and Directed by G.Marimuthu , music by Deena, lyrics by Kavi peararasar Vairamuthu. Hats off to director for giving a good family flick with no vulgarity and glamor. Thanks for giving a realistic movie . Laughable comedy by vadivel (separate comedy track). Decent melodies Deena. Two songs scores well. All the Lyrics goes along with the movie and music.

Guys and gals who did not like family flicks and emotional movies and subjects , please don’t watch this movie. I promise you would not like a single reel of this movie. I am kind of person, who watch and enjoy almost all kind of movies. I give preference to conversational movies. I love to watch full time comedy movies. I enjoy watching animation movies. I feel comfortable watching action movies. Feels romantic whenever I watch romantic comedy movies. Never ignored to laugh when I watch comedy movies and scenes. Never hesitated to sing along  with songs in movies. Always try to act like a bold guy whenever I watch horror movies.Never tried to hide my tears during the emotional scenes. I will be the first one to watch the pure cinemas (movies inspired by/based on true story). Learned and inspired a lot from historical movies.

So I guarantee the movie Kannum Kannum is a good movie to watch. A movie which deals with the struggle between relationship and feelings. After a long time in tamil movies , the importance was given to relationships than feelings (love). Credit goes to the director. The reasons and logics are acceptable. Good to see these kinds of movie in the modern trends (among the highly packed masala movies).

my Views in tamil ” uravugalukum , unarvugalukum nadakum porratam…”
“Unarvugalal kediatha Uravugal, Uravugalal tholaitha unarvugal” – – Kannum Kannum.

the movie was not box office or hit , because of the poor advertisement and the time of release. And also good movies are not recognized mostly. Kannum kannum is one among those good movies.

Kannum Kannum – A story that could happen to any of us.