Right of Equality in Quality…!

A long awaited common syllabus for Tamilnadu schools (govt, matric, AngloIndian) from 1st to 10th std., has been released by the Tamilnadu government school education department. The syllabus framework for all the subjects has been displayed in the office website for school education department.


Seems that 886 teachers has been applied for writing textbooks for the new syllabus. Among those 306 teachers are interested in writing Tamil textbooks. And government has conducted written test to all those teachers on 30th Oct 2009. Based on the performance in the test the teachers will be selected.

Syllabus for both Tamil and English  mediums are given separately in PDF format. A feedback form is also given along with it. Public can give feedback on this new syllabus through the same website and the feedbacks will also be considered in finalizing the framework.

Seems that lots of care has been taken to prepare the new syllabus. I wish to gothrough all the subjects and will give my feedback as early as possible. I consider this as a great initiative by the school education department and hats off tto Mr.Thangam Thennarasu .

I was very eagerly waiting for this to happen. I wish the syllabus would have been framed at par with the existing matriculation syllabus. This is a great initiative. Equality in quality education can be achieved very soon. Best wishes….!


2009 Loksabha Election results

Counting will start at 8.00 am today  for the votes registered and this day may be a end/beginning of many things….! Lets wait and see for long jumps , short jumps of political parties from their words and policies. Hope the third front leaders will get more importance for the new alliance with BJP or Congress.

Countdown starts...!

Countdown starts...!

Click for some of the useful websites to update with the polling count results all over India- LIVE UPDATES



http://www.indiaelections.co.in/india-elections-results-2009.php (with mobile alerts)

http://www.travelindia-guide.com/elections-indian-lok-sabha/election-results-2009.php (site with charts and maps)

Hope for better scores this year…!

10th standard public board exam has started from 25th march 09 and ends on 8th April 2009. . Four of our QEC (Quest Education center) students are appearing for exams this year. They were trained well and hope to get some good results this year. Getting some g0od scores will bring more students to QEC from adjacent villages. Which in turn will benefit more number students.

All the best for Exams

All the best for Exams

Wishing all the best for the students on their first board exams.Wish the pass percentage should be high this year when compared to last year.

ps:- QEC is a education center run by Blossom, which provides supplementary education to the students in remote villages.

12th standard resuslts …!

The most awaited 12 resutls were announced. This year the pass percentage has been increased when compared to last few years. The total pass percentage of tamil nadu students were 84.4 % and last year it was 81%. The real good news is , the results of the govt. schools in chennai. The pass percentage in chennai corp schools is 81%.And this year we can able to see some good marks among the govt school students. It’s a good sign that we can see some good marks from govt schools.

Government Schools

Total number of corp. schools in chennai = 27
Marks No .of students
2007 | 2008

no. of students scored more than 1100 = 10 ( 4 students in 2007)

no. of students scored more than 1000 = 151 (117 in 2007)

no. of students scored 100 in subjects = 18 (3 in 2007) (noticeable improvement)

5 state ranks from vocational courses like food preservation (first 3 ranks), dress Makinng and designing (2- first ranks)
Top scores – 1143
Other govt school’s top score – 1078
One school in north chennai has shown 100 pass result.

Private Schools :

In the private and other schools asusuall the results are really good this year.Centum scorers were doubled when compared to last year(5851 students in 2008 ,2649 studetns in 2007). Apart from chennai the most dominated district is namakal. IT has tamilnadu’s few best schools.

Chennai City students pass percentage – 89 %
Top score – 1191 ( other language as first language).

In general:

Total students appeared for exam = 5,87,994
Overall pass percentage = 84.4% 2008 ; 81% in 2007
Top score – 1182 (two students) Namakal district.
Centum scorers – 5851 in 2008 , 2649 in 2007. (almost doubled ).

Ps:- source from The Hindu and Dinamalar news papers dated 10 th May 08.

Overall view is , 2008 is a good year to all 12th students. And congrats to the govt. schools in chennai for their improvement in results.Have to check with the status of the other government schools of Tamil nadu. This I accept as a fair improvement on the govt. schools and not a good or better improvement.

the thing is we should not compare the govt. schools with the other govt. schools. It should be compared with the other private schools. So that they can improve lot. Still a long way to go. Is this ok to get 161 students to get more than 1000 among 12000 govt school children in chennai ? Is this fair enough ?. Its just around 2 percent of the total students. What about the status of the other govt schools in tamil nadu. The results will be more worst than these schools. The difference between the public and private schools very big.When we are going to bridge this gap ?

Just passing the exams doesn’t matters. What about the skills they have when they complete 12th. The skills among the rural students are very less and incomparable with the city and town side school students.India is growing rapidly in all the departments. But if the imbalance in the quality of education continues, the growth will be stopped abruptly.

A little concentration from government will bring big changes in the rural education. Let’s bring a revolution in rural education. Let them equally compete with the city students. Lets give them the liberty of getting the so called quality education . At present govt schools are not chosen by students or parents. They are there because they have no option. Only the economic status takes decision instead of them.

On behalf of Blossom , I wish to to invite more NGO’s to join hands. Only NGO’s can do this. It’s no use in depending on a government. Let’s work together and govt. may join us later. It’s our social responsibility. We need the co-operation from govt school teachers and HM’s. Wish all out dreams come true. Lets give world class public schools for our next generation.Let’s also see more NRI students in govt schools. 🙂

Revolutions are not born/made ..they are brought. So Let’s bring it…!