Its all about passion…!

Eight crazy minds, each one is different and talented in their own way but selected the same path to travel towards their carieer, joined hands and started working as a team. Only job is to play with pencil to colors. dealing with 2Dimension and 3 Dimensions, creative ideas to give identity, browsing through web as pages and contents. Worked with joy , took all the pressures as pleasures, made all the pain into gain,  with full efforts and interest , the team completed few projects in multimedia (graphics, animation2d, 3d, web etc.,).

Loads of fun @ work, regular entertainments , hangover in job, met the pressures to the peak level, eating together, playing with each other, meeting targets, sometime missing targets, finding reasons, compromising  with clients, lots of hiccups, learning every day. These are the things happening  over past 8 months. CRAZY PENCILZ STUDIO was the name confirmed for the new venture (STUDIO), transformed from HomeOffiec to Office from August 20th 2010.

Yes its me along with my friends formed Crazy Pencilz Studio and travelling together all these days and further. On Aug 20th we formally entered the new Studio space. Tats the reason I mentioned Aug 20 was special for two reasons ( ma b’day and CPZ opening day). I’m lucky to have it on ma bithday.  Crazy Pencilz Studio is like a Reality come true thing. We are just in the initial stage now and still a looooong way to go.

Life was not very easy all these months, but its worth to get the pain. We learned a lot and still learning, and happy to see the improvements in our works.  whatever we do we do with 100% involvement, so we get the best output. Will work more to keep the momentum and to reach next levels. Everyone has a dream and destiny, and through Crazy Pecnilz we will try to make it possible and easy to reach. Personally Crazy Pencilz mean a lot to me. Will never let it go down. I will never say this is my last try, but I can say its my first try.

“Veezvathu kutram alla…yezha marupathu thaan kuram”

In English

“Falling is not a mistake, but failing to rise is a mistake”

This  few words keeps me going. With all my confidence and passion I can do it. Its a day to cheer ourselves for the new beginning. All the best CPZ team, lets march towards next level.

My best and worst of 2009 (7 of 30)

Spoken through sand…Sand Language.  It was May 09, me along with my friends from Image created two sand sculptures for creating awareness on voting. It was my first experience to work on sand sculptures, not only for me for everyone it was the first experience.

5 hours of continuous work , hot sun, cool breeze, fun talks, sand baths etc., we made it successfully. The final out was more than we expected. Everyone was happy with that. I was very much surprised and amazed to see the response from the public. Hope we changed at least few hearts to vote in the elections. It was  a great team work and I thank Image and Balaji for giving that wonderful opportunity. Sand language was really Stupendous.

4 days 5 nights & 1 mission….!

5 nights, 4 days, around 20 creative minds, Yet another bunch of most beautiful days in my life. Its for making a DIGITAL GOLU (a traditional celebrations for navarathiri festival) in the Image Infotainment. It was a stupendous experience to work with a great team.

I wonder that how things happened..bcos no one was compelled to take the work..and no one was ordered to do it. We took in a interest..every one did what they were capable of with a great unity and perfection. Got to learn tonnes of new things while doing this project. A great example for the quote “Team work never fails”. We were given very short span of time and immediately with our captain (our visual design master – balaji) we started planning and started executing it.

The materials used were, plastic bottles (pepsi , maaza, aqufina, kinely etc.,) , jute bags, news papers, wires, strings, compass, nails, nuts, bolts, pop, white paint, aluminium paint, old electronic wastes, batteries, plastic transparent sheets.

In the beginning we were missing the track ..but we never lost the confidence and we believed that we can make the best of all.That was the only thought made us to achieve the things. The main thing was, except few in the team ..others don’k know about what will be the output (At times we too were out of  focus). But every one was perfect with their responsible task.The core team never felt tired…we worked continuously for 48 hours with just a two hours disturbed sleep. We maintained the momentum with fast beat songs (Saroja, nadodigal etc.,), pepsi/coke, biscuits, tea, coffee etc., Atlast nothing went wrong and the out put was more than we expected and the response was unbelievable.We names it as THE PLANET PLASTER.

Special thanks goes to the technical head(prakhasam sir), our art master (Big – B),praveen(the best one to work  with), ram(master of sounds), venkatesh(king in FLASH CS3),ravi, my pets (siva -black tiger, sadana -little doll, manju -the one on myside – cheerful ),my great buddies(kalai – idea mani, madan – maddy, baskar , aswin – timing king, shivaBalan – the director, ajitha&abitha – means cute, kumaran, siva, ashok&kamalesh – laurel& hardy,surrender)and few others.

We just left with a few drops of tears when we showcased the first show of the DIGITAL GOLU – THE PLANET PLASTER. And we the Team success has won the BEST CONCEPT award and got lots of credits from the directors and the judges. It was really a great initiative by IMAGE multimedia to bring out the talents. I personally wanted to thank the “Team Success” of Image Anna nagar for all these efforts and happy to be a member in the team.

Check the gallery of  PLANET PLASTER.

Suspense served HOT …!

DLF IPL 20-20 Cricket match 2009 playing its semifinals. Last semifinal match will be played today and tomorrow will be the final. Unlike 2008 IPL this time almost all the matches were interesting and thrilling. Though they played the match in South Africa there is no loss in entertainment for us. Sony Entertainment took the responsibility to bringing the matches with all its beauty.

Sky scratching sixes, fast &  furious fours, wild wickets, honorable hatricks, fish fly fielding, boundless blasting bowling, smashing shots, curious catches, mind boggling last minutes, fantastic fifties, huge hundreds, lucrative last overs,wonderful winning moments,perpetual partnerships,chicks as cheer leaders with all these things IPL made me enjoy my time all these days and hope for everyone watching cricket.

Entertainment Served Cold - 8 scoups/teams

Entertainment Served Cold - 8 scoups/teams

Though both my favorite teams are out of semifinal (KKR and MI) I’m happy to see RCB in form in semifinals and deserving DC in finals. Hope today’s match should be in in favor of CSK. Though both the teams are competing and equal I wish the victory should go for DC. Hope it will be a excellent match/treat tomorrow and the end of the IPL 2009.

Thanks for all the astounding moments and for the gr8 entertainment all these days.Thanks for the IPL organizers and all the players for their best display of team spirits. One thing I can say about this IPL 2009 season,

“Suspense served HOT


Entertainment served COLD.”

Happy watching …!