Good / Bad – Emotions are Same !!!

It’s all about the most awaited movie of the year..”Vikram Vedha” with the lead actors Madhavan (maddy) & Vijay Sethupathi. After 7 years, the director duo is back with a brilliantly written action thriller with a base line adoption of well-known childhood tales “Vikaramathithyan & Vedhalam”.   I’m a great fan of their earlier movies “Va Quarter cutting” & “Oram Poo” and this movie tops the chart among them.

It’s a visual treat to watch the on the flow brilliant and natural performances of Vijay Sethupati & Maddy. The battle here is between the minds and not the Good or Bad. The greatest thing about this movie is the screenplay. Whenever a story narrated by Vijay Sethupathi, it just kindles the curiosity in us and the final question asked by him makes everyone think of it for a prompt answer. Immediately after Maddy gives an answer…we were able to justify it and relate the story which is common for Vikram & Vedha. One can witness the brilliance of the director with these kinds of narration.

And moreover, Vijay Sethupathi’s introduction is the best ever introduction scene in the recent times and he is at his best again. Maddy’s meticulous reactions at few scenes make him one of the finest actors across film industries.

Finest casting, Unique story narration, brilliant screenplay, perfect direction, lead actors at their best, best BGM, well-framed dialogues, beautiful emotions of brothers and subtle love of a husband & Wife…what else we need from a movie.

Everybody has Vikram & Vedha as a part of them. Based on the situation, we are choosing to be Vikram or Vedha. It’s not about Hero or Villan, Good or Bad. It’s all about mind games… between Vikram-Vedha & Good-Bad. Good or Bad…Emotions are Same !!!

Every death gives a birth…!

MyViews – Sarvam – Tamil Movie

Got to watch this movie on its first day of release(15th may 09). I had some good expectations after seeing the trailer of the movie few months back. I Was most impressed by the camera and background score.

It’s a different try from vishnuvardan (director) but the same old story of Tamil movies. This movie would have been good if some of the cinematic scenes were avoided. Overall vishnu and arya had tried different things with our time and money.And arya tried acting in this move and he succeeded a bit…but a long way to go…!

Sarvam - Worth watching for camera and BG

Sarvam - Worth watching for camera and BG

But worth watching for the cinematography by Nirawshah and BG music by yuvan. The locations chosen and the way Nirav handled the colors and scenes are awesome.He makes our eyes pleasant in all the scenes. Yuvan simply touching hearts with his bg music.Few of the songs were also good. And for sometime screenplay is also good.

Bit of concentration on the first half to make it faster would have helped the movie to reach better and director totally wasted J.D chakravarthy. I’m sure this movie not gonna reach the  B and C theaters. Better luck next time vishnu.

At last I felt hard to catgorize this movie. It may be a thriller  , pshyco , love and comedy(non laugh) movie.

Can this be happening …!

The HappeningA paranoid thriller about a family on the run from a natural crisis that presents a large-scale threat to humanity. A Manoj Night Shyamalan movie , released in India last week. The movie made some good expectations before its release. i.e. when compared to his previous movies this movie was given more hype and more marketing. After seeing this movie I couldn’t able to say that , this movie met its expectations.

lovely kid

A regular Manoj shyamalan movie with the so called thriller scenes (sound effects). The character selections were excellent. Among the family, Mark Wahelberg and the kid Ashlyn Sanchez impressed me a lot. I just love the kid for what ever she is. The expressions of Mark Wahelberg was excellent all over the movie. He did his job well. Director maintains the momentum…he makes us to guess what would be the next technic for killing ( pretty funny) . In very few places he succeeded in his technic of making peoples scared. In Most of the scenes we were aware of the sound effects , we expect a sudden rise in sound so no thrill maintained there.

Few scenes hurts our hearts also, when peoples kill themselves in a pathetic way. The Kid Ashyln’s acting was markable and she impressed every one. When the maths professor diverts a strangers concentration by asking answer for a puzzle, when mark wahelberg makes the kid laugh using a mood ring, when mark asks for one second of time to think , when mark comes out of the room to be with his wife and the Ashyln after he decided that they were jeopardized, for all these scenes the credit goes to director. Good job.

Here is my (re)view :-

An act of nature, and we’ll never fully understand it.” – director escapes by giving this as the reason and the logic for the movie. No thrill maintained , story telling was not that much impressive. Movie just seems like a sequel of “I am Legend” movie. The concept were same for both the movies. Only difference is “I am Legend” is a heroism movie and “the Happening” is just a movie based on the theme. No heroic activities.

I think manoj should have watched some Vadivelu movies ( a tamil comedian) for getting the different techniques of killing oneself. If he would have shown some more technique , then really it would have become a comedy movie. I wish manoj can try some different techniques of story telling in his next movies.Its good that he maintained some momentum in the movie…else we could have seen some peoples killing themselves when coming out of this movie.

The Happeningsome thing happened , but no one bothered.