Ravanan – The visual Treat…!

Another awesome (visual) treat from the India’s most lovable & talented director. A old story with slight changes for cinema, with a effort less script, having base in cinematography , music and actors…this could be the best thing I can say about Raavanan movie(Tamil).

Mani knows how to get best out of actors. Vikram lived as Veera (amazing acting), wat an performance. Vikram was the  best selection for this character(veera). In the second half of the movie Aishwarya also shares the acting. Prithivi as a handsome cop did his job well, Fits best with the role.  The major advantage for the movie is camera and music. Santosh Sivan , mani combination never failed. And hats off to RAHMAN for the songs and BG  score. I could say the climax fighting scene in floating bridge was one among the best CG & VFX done in Indian film industry.

I wonder about the location comes around the film.  A little bit faster first half of the movie would be a added advantage. Anyways , from beginning till end I loved the movie. Please watch the movie in theaters with good sound systems, sure it will be like a treat for ears. Every time Mani’s movie create a impact , even we are out of the theater, but his time I miss it. But nothing wrong in it, this is also a kind of narration.  Gonna watch the hindi version also ( avid to see junior bachan’s performance) .

For sure  Raavanan won’t be a hit in B and C theaters , will make some decent mark in A centers. But still for movie lovers, this will be a treat. For the new generation kids, a new way of story telling about RAMAYANAM (Ashokavanam episode).Happy watching Raavanan.

ps:- The above content was just my view on the Movie Ravanan and no intention to hurt or justify any one’s creation and talent.

Every death gives a birth…!

MyViews – Sarvam – Tamil Movie

Got to watch this movie on its first day of release(15th may 09). I had some good expectations after seeing the trailer of the movie few months back. I Was most impressed by the camera and background score.

It’s a different try from vishnuvardan (director) but the same old story of Tamil movies. This movie would have been good if some of the cinematic scenes were avoided. Overall vishnu and arya had tried different things with our time and money.And arya tried acting in this move and he succeeded a bit…but a long way to go…!

Sarvam - Worth watching for camera and BG

Sarvam - Worth watching for camera and BG

But worth watching for the cinematography by Nirawshah and BG music by yuvan. The locations chosen and the way Nirav handled the colors and scenes are awesome.He makes our eyes pleasant in all the scenes. Yuvan simply touching hearts with his bg music.Few of the songs were also good. And for sometime screenplay is also good.

Bit of concentration on the first half to make it faster would have helped the movie to reach better and director totally wasted J.D chakravarthy. I’m sure this movie not gonna reach the  B and C theaters. Better luck next time vishnu.

At last I felt hard to catgorize this movie. It may be a thriller  , pshyco , love and comedy(non laugh) movie.

Hancock the (Super)Hero…!

HANCOCK –  A superhero who doesn’t care about his public image or worry about the consequences of his actions, though he saved several lives for years , he was hated for the damages he made to the city. At one point Hancock starts working with a public relations officer to make his image good.

The movie was released after lots of sensor cut. A full length entertaining comedy flick. As usual a will smith movie which implies human life is better than anything ( may be a superhero or robot or alien etc.,) . Not much impressive but a good entertainer. Will smith scores good in this movie. apart from smith “Jason Bateman” the public relations officer attracts everyone. We got to see another super women “Charlize Theron” PRO’s wife and told as a wife of Hancock several decades back. Still lots of confusions with her character in this movie….!

This is a normal movie and not as usual superhero movie. The movie opened with great promise, offering a solid action sequence blended with a nice character study but nothing was met in this movie. But Smith makes you love him, from the moment he wakes up on a bus bench, surly and hungover, and snaps crabbily at the little kid who roused him with the simple call to arms, during anger management in the prison, while testing the PRO’s wife in her kitchen about her power,while saving a police women, while getting angry with a playing kid, in all his super heroic scenes, his reactions when someone calls him Asshole etc., I just love Will Smith for whatever he is.

This was given a big image bcos of Will Smith. Seems that Peter berg, the Director of this movie got inspired by some comic super hero and started doing this movie. Lots of illogical things go with this movie. Anyways Smith took it in a better way. Wish this movie should not have a sequel.

A good movie only for Will Smith Lovers.  Just waiting for his next movie “Seven Pounds” and this will defenitly be a exellent movie. A movie deals about a  man who change the lives of seven strangers.

Superhero is back…!

At last I managed to get few tickets to the movie Hancock. It’s my superheros movie in which he plays a superhero character. Usually I watch Will Smith movie with no expectations apart from his performance. I loved all his movies and enjoyed watching. release

Hancock ..releasing this friday(11th july) in India. Releasing in more than 10 theaters in chennai. I just wonder at this. Will smith has earned a good number of Fans in India also. This movie has more expectations. Charlize Theron, “the Italian Job“‘s beauty is joining with smith in this movie. I got tickets for Friday Night show in my favorite “Sathyam Theater“.  Avidly waiting to watch Hancock.

Wish to have a nice time…! 🙂

Mel Gibson – as a Director.

Mel Gibson …as a Director. I watched his movies Apocalypto , The passion of the Christ , Braveheart.

I was really impressed and amazed while watching the movie Apocalypto . A movie about the Mayan civilization and  a young man captured for sacrifice, flees to avoid his fate. Gibson’s direction was amazing. The whole movie is in the deep forest and we can see that how they would have struggled to take this movie. We can able to see a beautiful love in the movie , a strong friendship , a true family affection. The movie was completely screened with English subtitles. Still we can able to understand completely. The character called “Jaguar Paw”(Rudy Youngblood) has been defined and shown well. His fate was decided but , Driven by the power of his love for his wife and son, he makes an escape to rescue them and ultimately save his way of life. Really a must watch movie .

Recently i watched the movie “The passion of the Christ“. A film detailing the final hours and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The movie was about the last twelve hours of Jesus Christ. Shows some of the untold moments of Jesus. The punishments given to the Jesus was really horrible. A normal human being could not have tolerated the pain and the punishments.(forget about ” The Da Vinci Code” for now, it just given me a different perception on Jesus).

In some scenes I have just turned my face other side. I was just thinking of the others those who are worshiping Jesus as a God. How they would have felt while watching this movie. Sure most of them would have cried. I can able to understand why this movie faced lot of oppositions all over the world .

The cinematography , the way they handled the scenes , acting of Jesus (James Caviezel) and Mari (Maia Morgenstern) was excellent. I was just wondering about the director . Its like simply he is taken a risk by choosing this subject. But he scored for the way he handled this subject.

Nice watching Mel Gibsons movies. From his 4 movies I have watched 3 of them. The left out is “The Man Without a Face“. Wish to watch the movie soon.