The day that is always special…!

Aug 20th 2010, yet another BIG day..sorry One of my Biggest day ever. There are two main reasons for this, My b’day & another reason you can see it in next post. The day (12.00 am)started with a Choco ruffle cake along with realtime B’day music (from a professional keyboard, and a well trained guy) and continued with a music from Tamil movie (Vaarayoo from Ayan). Its a surprise one and it happened bcos of BalaG (thanks buddy).

Continued with another cake (black forest ma fav., one) from ma roommates and few other friends. The next day was little bit occupied with phone calls from friends , a important moment in morning and a little tr8 from my side in the evening.Guys around me made my day wonderful as usual (mannie, maddy, kamlaseh, ashok added more flavors to my day). Finally the day ended with lots of positive notes and I felt lil bit odd because of some responsibilities. But totally it was a wonderful day bcos of my friends. Thanks for every one.

Years were there I usually count on my b’day wishes..more wishes gave more happiness to me. I know its a  bad habit of counting the number of wishes and I know its silly too. Thanks for some of the lessons I learnt in the past, For the past few years I was not into counting, but still I’m more happy then the previous. Everyone has their own priority list and I should not expect every time I should be in the list of everyone. so no hard feelings for the missed wishes. May be I felt like missing  few friends presence or wishes (really missed my doll’s presence and few others wishes) but its not hurting. I can understand, its all about accepting things.

But as usual , still I feel younger as years pass by. All my friends make me feel younger and thanks to ma loving friends. I wish myself a happy year and to make my dreams into reality. I promise to make more smiles in the deserving lives, to protect the Mother Earth in my possible ways, to make my parents happy, to make a big and lucrative move in my professional and social life.

A festival beyond religions…!

Happy festival of lights and sounds. Wish the smiles and happiness of this day should continue forever.

Planned to spend my whole day with the little wonders and booked tickets for the movie “AADHAVAN”.  Wanted to watch this movie on its first day and managed to get tickets. Will come with a review soon…!

Have a safe and happy Diwali

Have a safe and happy Diwali

Chennai at its best …!

Fastest ride in bikes and cars,road sides full of color balloons,beach full of peoples,ears full of music and wishes,sky full of  decorative fireworks,city full of cops,church full of prayers and peoples , faces full of smiles and happiness with all these things 2009 started splendidly.

This year also Chennai was at its best in enjoying.Really had a wonderful time with the 2 hours(mid night) fastest zigzag bike ride. Spent time wit the babies, had been to friends house, had cakes etc., Yet another beautiful day stared with a high note and ended with the same.The most common wish from everyone is to have a peaceful new year (without any attacks n blasts).

Have great day and year ahead 🙂 .

Oct 11th – we registered our dream and named it…!

This day mean a lot to me and One of the moooooooost wonderful day in my life. Two years back, this day was the starting date of my journey towards the so called destiny . This day gave a physical/visual shape to our thoughts.This was the day we officially announced a name for our dreams and the date we registered our dreams. And its Blossom’s birth date.

Happy Birthday Blossom.

We are a team of eight like-minded peoples decided to go for a formal registration and made it. Blossom was formed and registered on Oct 11th of 2006. We gathered our dreams and finally consolidated it…the result was we got the Vision of Blossom.Then the core team set the mission and started working on it. Here ends the brief story on Blossom’s birth.

Today Blossom with its own style, bloomed in few lives as smiles and happiness. I whole heartedly thank the God Fathers and back bones of Blossom (mari and mohan). Without them nothing would have happened. Now blossom has its own fans (members) and it’s growing daily.Hearty thanks to all the friends and members for their continued support and encouragement.Without them Blossom birth date would be meaningless.

Very few in this world will get a chance of living with their dreams and to feel the dreams. And we are few among the few. Really we are lucky.Along with Blossom we are in right path and still a long way to go. With lashings of wishes and kisses, we wish Blossom to bloom in more lives and this perpetual happiness to be continued to all.

Happy B’day Blossom. U mean a lot in my life.